Why You Want to get Microblading

This is part two of a series on microblading. If you’re just joining me, you can ready all about micro balding and why I chose do it for me, click HERE to read part one.

Last Wednesday I had microblading done on my eyebrows. Why? For me, my brow color is light and the hair is fine and, without drawing them in, it was difficult to tell I had brows. Everyday I would draw my brows in, trying to make them look as identical as possible. Microblading, solved that problem for me. If you feel that your brows are uneven in area, the hair is fine, your brow hairs don’t grow and you’re looking for a natural look to make them look fuller microblading is the perfect solution.

An even more perfect solution… visit Ashley Joy at OC Brow Babe. She made me feel so comfortable, like I’ve known her forever. We chatted about life, our kids, her technique all while I got to close my eyes and enjoy a great conversation with a new friend while she gave me beautiful brows. She really is a master at her craft. I’m beyond impressed with how my brows turned out and can’t stop looking at them!

From her years of experience to the consistent amazing looking brows she builds up, watching her for almost a year, I knew without a doubt she would build up my brows and keep them looking fresh and natural. While I will admit there were nerves going into it, yes nerves,  I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. Was I nervous because I didn’t want to do them? No, not at all. I think nerves are just a part of exciting decisions we make in our lives. The idea that I could get up and go and look put together with my brows and lash extensions…. sign me up!

If you’re wondering how to prepare for microblading, you can read my tips here. Now that I’m on day 8 of the 7-10 day healing process, I can honestly say the healing is going very well. My brows have responded well to the ointment I was given and besides some itching (signs of healing) everything is going well.

Here’s a look at pre and post microblading and the first few days after. You can see how natural my brows look and how well they’re healing.

If you’re thinking about microblading, here are some things to note about the healing process:

 1. Try not to get them too Wet

Meaning, don’t swim, stand with your face under the water or do heavy workouts where you’re going to heavily sweat. Depending on how    they’re healing, you need to be aware of this for at least the first 7-10 days up to 14 days.

2. Use the Ointment

Just like when you get a tattoo, keeping the area moisturized with the healing ointment provided is very important. You don’t want your skin to dry out while your brows heal. Yes, it might feel strange at first because you can tell there’s ointment on your brows, get over it, you need it! Apply ointment with a cue tip always.

3. Don’t Itch!

As your brows heal, they will itch, don’t itch them!! This has been the most difficult part of my healing process. But it’s so important!

4. New Skin Growth

It may seem like new skin is growing over your microbladed areas and the color seems dull. Don’t panic! The color will come back, it’s temporary. This may not even happen to you, but just something to note.

If you’re in the Orange County area and considering microblading, I can’t recommend Ashley Joy enough! Now if you need me, I’ll be looking at mine in the mirror ;), but seriously….

xo, Alissa