What’s on your List This weekend?

Happy Weekend friends! I slept in til 9:30 this morning!! Say what?! Must be because our home is abnormally quiet. If you saw my InstaStories yesterday, I shared that our daughter headed to winter camp this weekend with friends from church. This is the first time she’s gone that far away for more than one night and, because cell reception isn’t that great, I won’t talk to her til she comes home tomorrow. All the feels y’all, seriously!! I sat in her room for a good hour yesterday debating on bribing her to stay home, yet praying that she would have an incredible adventure this weekend and encounter Jesus in a deeper way.

Waking up this morning to a spray tan appointment was a good distraction 😉 and now I’m off to clean my closet. Aren’t you just jealous of the life I’m living this weekend. Spring cleaning, cleaning house, laundry, maybe a nap??

If you’re enjoying some downtime this weekend, here’s a few things that happened around here this week.

– First… thank y’all so much for resonating with and sharing your heart with me after I posted this post on Instagram last night. It truly means so much to me. So often we don’t talk about the bad, only the good, but then it doesn’t leave room for us to lift each other up and pray for one another.


photo by Jennifer Calderon

When I mentioned the great deal I found on this sweater at Anthropologie around Christmas time, several of you have been asking for more details. I went digging, and while they don’t have this same one anymore, check out THIS one (on sale) and THIS one that are similar. My other favorite item in this photo is this ELLO coffee/tea tumbler. It keeps my coffee piping hot for up to 5 hours!! You will not regret this purchase.


sign above our bed: Joyfully Said Signs

 – This week on the blog I finally shared a home tour of our home in Franklin, TN. If you’re looking for a great spot to AirBnb, go check it out.


 – Many of you have shared how helpful this post was on tips for taking road trips with kids. Of course, many of these tips are good for traveling in general by car or plane. I’d love to hear any other tips y’all might have for what works for you.

 – I’m still holding strong to my word for this year: FEARLESS, have you picked one yet? I challenge you to pick one, write it down and hold tight to it. I’ve done it every year since 2011 and I love going back and seeing how the word resonated with so much that happened throughout that year.

 – If you get a chance, check out this quick and easy breakfast recipe that will give you all kinds of great vitamins and nutrients you need for your day.


 – Now that I’m thinking about food, I’m starting to crave the charcuterie board I had at MOTO in Nashville, TN, over Christmas. I’m a huge foodie, meaning I’m a true believer that enjoying good food all the time is an essential part of doing life. I’d love to hear what your favorite spot is in the town you live. Remember, I’m doing a 50 state road trip so we might just make it a point to stop and check it out!!


dress // jacket

What are you up to this weekend friends?

xo, Alissa