I know it must feel by now that all we’ve done this summer is travel. Well, you might be right about that. From Tennessee to visit our newest Airbnb property to Mexico to the blue waters of Catalina, this summer has been nothing short of a great adventure so far. We’ve created so many life long memories with our kids and managed to see both of my parents, my brother and sis-in-love and Kyle’s family since school got out for summer break. There are moments where it all feels like a blur and I forget what my own mattress and a solid night’s sleep looks like, but I wouldn’t trade these memories for any of that.

Our most recent travels took us, by boat, to Catalina for a six night stay on the water. Mooring just on the outside of the harbor in Avalon, Catalina, it almost felt as though we were in Europe. We were un touched by the crowds and the breeze off the water felt as though the temperatures were more pleasant than they were. The Laura was stocked with every fun amenity you would want from kayaks to Sea Doo’s to a Lily Pad you could float on for hours.

When I tell you that our days were spent on the water, it’s 100% true. So much so that it took almost a full week after we got off the boat to stop feeling as though we were still rocking on it. haha. With a full staff, it was so nice to enjoy our days relaxing with family without the worries of whose turn it was to cook dinner and clean up. We simply only had to choose to enjoy another glass of wine before bed.

Catalina has always held a special place in Kyle’s in my hearts as we were engaged there in April of 2004. Fourteen years ago often feels like yesterday. What was supposed to be an incredible day began a little rocky when I got majorly sea sick on our ride over on the Flyer. So much so that Kyle spent most of the ride trying to keep my eyes on the horizon and my body near the edge of the boat so I didn’t throw up on him. Little did I know, the ring he’d been saving for was in his pocket. He tried to take me to breakfast, but I settled on watching him eat before our golf cart tour of the island.  We drove up to the lookout point and, in a plot twist, Kyle got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Fourteen years later, we rented a golf cart with our kids and took them up to the lookout where we had gotten engaged and enjoyed reliving old, wonderful memories.

One of the mornings we were on the boat the men and the kids went fishing. They caught plenty of Bass that we enjoyed for dinner!

They say that time with those you love is so good for your soul and I couldn’t agree more! My heart is so full from all the time we’ve gotten to spend with my family and Kyle’s this summer, making life long memories they’ll always carry with them.

I think the biggest question now is, after a summer of traveling + not having to cook, if I can convince Kyle we need a chef. hahahaha A girl can dream….

Hope you are all having an amazing summer,

xo, Alissa