Wedding Style

I’m linking up with Lindsey + Abby this week.

Dress – Victoria’s Secret (borrowed from my amazing Sister-in-Love) // Shoes – Steve Madden

Rachel + I

The beautiful couple

This weekend Kyle + I got to take the night off of parenting, throwing on our pj’s early and pretending like we’re old people to head to a beautiful wedding up in Bel Air. For those of you unfamiliar with the types of homes you’ll find in Bel Air, please swiftly grab your Hulu and search Fresh Prince of Bel Air. You’re welcome, you can now be insanely jealous of how I got to spend my Saturday night. Not only did I party like a rock star, but I did it at a mansion. Thank you Jenn + Daniel for getting married and throwing an epic party.

To say that things have been insane around here is quite the understatement. While construction is coming to a close + I’ll soon be able to park my car in our garage again, it has been a very stressful couple of months. When I share all the pictures with you, this will all make sense. Kyle + I have barely seen each other, let alone our sanity and we couldn’t wait to don some fancy clothes and go drink and dance the night away at a wedding. What makes it even better is that our sweet friend Jenn who got married, I met a couple years ago through blogging (high 5 to blogging, what up?!) + then Kyle and her met when he joined a business they are both mutually apart of. I remember when Jenn connected with Kyle for the first time and she asked him if he knew me! haha This is funny in my world because I didn’t grow up in Orange County like Kyle did, so more often than not, people ask me if I know him. To which I say, that hunka hunka? Heck to the ya, he’s mine!

Almost six months after meeting Jenn, I was introduced to Blog Sugar, a local conference. In the process of getting ready to head to Blog Sugar, I met Rachel, who has known Jenn since high school and we became fast friends. Is your mind blown yet, or am I just working this blog post way too late tonight and it’s the champagne still talking? I’m telling you guys, this community is a powerful thing. It can bring people from all walks of life together in a beautiful way. I’m so incredible thankful for it each day!

But back to us…. we had such an incredible night, reconnecting, breaking out all our amazing moves on the dance floor. Some of you might be familiar with my epic jazz hands, well let me tell you, Kyle’s got some signature moves of his own. Between us + Rach and her hubby, we were all kinds of sweaty. Best part – calories burned! Boom! It’s a 2 in one. You get to dance the night away + get skinny while doing it. Sign me up anytime!

Have I mentioned my nickname at work out is Dancing Queen?


Hmmmm story for another time.

Before this post runs off the random train anymore than it has, I should probably hit the sack. Yes, I really am like this in real life, welcome to my world, I do hope you stay a while. Everyone in my house is snoring except me.

I hope you all had an amazing weekend and you had the chance to reconnect with your man + share some snuggles with your littles.

Did you do anything exciting?

PS I’m tempted to go back and edit this post to make sure it’s appropriate, but I won’t. #keepingitreal

PPS Thank you to everyone who left such beautiful + encouraging comments during our Coffee Date last week.