We’re kicking off our summer road trip of 2018 as we continue on our family goal to hit all 50 states before our kids no longer think we’re cool. Now, as much as I hope that never happens, I can’t predict the future, so it’s now or never. I didn’t grow up in the US, nor did we road trip growing up so this has been a really big eye opening experience for me too.

There’s truly so much to see, do and experience that I’m sure we could spend years road tripping and not feel like we’ve seen all there is to see. But that’s the whole point of the experience. We pass through and make note of where we want to someday go back and spend more time exploring. On this trip our goal is to hit all the states west of the Dakota’s and some spots in Canada. You may be thinking that’s a lot of ground to cover, yes it is!

We’ve learned that what works best for us is to have a tentative outline of places we want to see an people we want to visit and be more “go with the flow” on the road. Now, will that get me passes into Antelope Canyon in the next 2 days I’m in the area, not sure, but I’m going to try my hardest to find a tour guide who will let me in.

Today we packed up the car with the goal to land in Mesquite, AZ, for the night and then drive into Zion National Park tomorrow and spend some time hiking, er melting in the 100+ degree heat. Since we work hard to break up the drive, we drove to the NV border, took our state sign photo. If you don’t it, you were never there. Much like, if you didn’t post it on the gram, it didn’t happen, am I right?

From there we stopped in Primm at the Seven Magic Mountains, and while it’s totally a tourist gimmick, it’s worth the pit stop! The stones, all painted in bright colors are fun to see and take look great in photos. Tonight we’re snuggled up in a soft bed excited for all that day 2 holds.

Hope you’re following along our travels. You can find all our road trip photos here.

More to come tomorrow!

xo, Alissa