Value in Identity


This past weekend I spent a few days at Point Loma for our church’s annual women’s retreat. I’m not going to lie, I was very wishy washy about attending. In fact, it was only after I got a roommate request that I finally paid for my spot. Part of this was because I’ve literally been gone every weekend or every other weekend since January and really just wanted some R&R in our home. The other part was that college was a long time ago and dorm rooms were not really my thing back then, let alone now. I’m in my mid 30’s with an adult mattress and pillow and shudder at the thought of being anywhere but there or a hotel bed. But, that being said, the amazing ladies in my Community Group all decided to go and I knew it would be an incredible weekend away with them, even if sleep wasn’t on the menu.

I’m so glad that I went! It was such a refreshing time away with an amazing community of ladies who I feel so blessed to know and do life with. This year’s theme was all around our identity and how we value ourselves. Since there were so many great nuggets of information, I thought I would share some of my notes with you from some of the sessions. I hope God is able to touch you through these words.

IMG_4665-2The Cross

– We need to recognize that we can’t place value markers on the identity we associate ourselves with

Value based identity creates guilt and shame and we are often weighted down by what a value based society creates.

– We limit what God can do when because we are constantly bombarded by our value based society.

– We believe what God says about us, but we struggle to accept it.

– You are a child of God and therefore an Heir of God. Unless an Heir chooses to abdicate, they are always and heir. All too often we abdicate ourselves – we opt out!

– Set your mind on the things of the Spirit

– Suffering is all around us!

– Jesus goes into His own testing to discover His identity – 40 days in the wilderness!

– Jesus’ see’s things differently that we do. He see’s you and he’s GOT you!

– Your wounds do not define you. You are who God says you are!

– We give people permission to tell us who we are. Stop doing that!

– God see’s you, He weeps with you when you are suffering. This isn’t the end, you will come out of this!

– We are oaks of righteousness

– Many of us struggle with how to integrate God’s word and let it transform us. Just crack that door open, He’s coming to you!

– How can we practically integrate Him? 1.) With Gratitude – writing down 3 things each day that you’re grateful for. 2.) Being aware of what we’re filling our minds with – what we put in our minds shapes and forms how we see God. 3.) Lean into your humanity – find the things in your life where you come alive and feel like the fullest version of ourselves. Tap into God!

Scriptures for follow up reading and affirmation!
Romans 8:1-11; 15-17
Psalm 16
Luke 4:18-21
Isaiah 61:1-3
Ephesians 1:3-10; 15-19

See?! Oh my gosh! I left feeling full in spaces in my life I didn’t even realize were broken. I’m thankful for this incredible community and for the women who shared their hearts with us last weekend.

Be encouraged friends!

xo, Alissa