Truffle Oil Sliders

A couple months ago, our family got invited over for dinner by some new friends + they made us, seriously, the most amazing burgers I’ve ever had in my whole life. Sorry In n Out. Not only were they created in the broiler, but they were melt in your mouth good from the very first bite. So melt in your mouth good that I had to recreate it myself just so that I could relive the goodness. The secrets in the meat, my friends. Ground filet minion steak meat fresh from the butcher shop. You can recreate these delicious sliders, but know that the meat is a big part of the goodness. Well that and the Truffle Oil. Ok, I better stop talking and start sharing this recipe, I’m already starting to get hungry~

Here’s what you need:

` Hawaiian Rolls
` Thousand Island dressing
` Truffle Oil
` Ground Filet Minion meat
` Sharp Cheddar Cheese
` Mixed greens

Let’s Get Started:

  • {ONE}      Turn on your broiler. Make sure you move your rack to the top shelf of your oven. Season your mini steak patties. I had the butcher shop shape them into mini sliders for me, but you can also do this easily at home.
  • {TWO}     When the broiler has heated, place your sliders directly onto the oven rack. Make sure you place a cookie sheet with tin foil under the rack to catch any of the juices as they cook.
  • {THREE}     While the sliders are cooking keep an eye on them + remember to turn them over so they can cook evenly. I would say maybe 4-5 minutes per side.
  • {FOUR}     Cut your Hawaiian rolls and add Thousand Island Dressing + Truffle Oil while you wait for your sliders to cook.
  • {FIVE}     Add Sharp Cheddar Cheese to your sliders and only cook till it melts.
  • {SIX}     Add sliders to your Hawaiian rolls, toss some mixed greens on top and voila!

Now you’re ready to enjoy a delicious Truffle Oil Slider for dinner. Best part about this meal? My kids love them too!! #winwin If you’re looking for a quick + easy meal, this is one you definitely need to try!

What are some of your favorite meals to eat for dinner?

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