For such a time as this


I truly believe there are people who come into your life and the moment that their hand touches yours, you just know something wondering is bound to unfold. It may be a friendship that comes for only a brief moment of time, but it’s a time when your soul needs it maybe more than you realize. Or maybe it’s someone you don’t see often, but when you get together it’s like no time has passed and you quickly move from surface level conversation to sharing your hopes and dreams for the future. Maybe it’s someone you meet and the moment you meet them, you have no clue just how much that person will change your life in such a positive and unexpected way. 

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I truly feel this way about each of the girls that work on the Pollinate team. I know I don’t always talk a lot about my other business, mostly because I really love to use this space for inspiration or growth, whether it be blog or personal, but I have such an incredible team of girls that I get to work with daily that I just had to share a little bit about them with you. When we began Pollinate almost 18 months ago, I had no idea that in such a short amount of time I would go from managing it all (with the help of my biz partner and hubby, of course!) to having 6 incredible girls working with us. It truly is remarkable all that God has done in that time. 

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Each one came to us at a time when we didn’t even know a need for them would exist and share their heart for Pollinate, our team and why they wanted to work with us. One of the things that still blows my mind is that every reason they asked to join our team would be every quality I would want people to see in our business and it was almost as though God knew…. for such a time as this…. that we would need each one of them. 

A couple weekends ago, we flew or drove the team in from their home towns for a fun weekend together. This would be the first time we would all sit in the same room, laugh, while drinking coffee around the same table and really have a chance to spend time with one another. We knew it would be a weekend of incredible bonding for our team and that the end result would grow us together and make us stronger. Can I just tell you how incredible it is to have 6 people put aside their plans for a weekend to spend time with people, some of which they’ve never met in person?!

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The weekend began with a surprise limo ride to Los Angeles for KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball concert. With a line up that included Macklemore + Ryan Lewis, Jason Derulo, Austin Mahone, Selena Gomez (who was a train wreck btw), Miley Cyrus and more…. we knew we were in for a fun night. The tickets we got were on the first level so we were able to see the stage really well and sit and stand comfortably during the show. On the ride up we got to share stories of favorite moments and get to know one another. Gah, it was so much fun! I won’t lie, Macklemore and Miley tied for the best shows of the night. #sorrynotsorry

Minus those who are local and able to drive home, the rest of our team spent the whole weekend at my house. It was amazing!!!!! I know my home is not big, but it was like a big slumber party where we stayed up giggling into the night. Saturday morning, I was up early as I had everyone arriving at 10:30 for brunch. I made fresh, homemade waffles with plenty of toppings, eggs, bacon and quinoa oatmeal. After brunch we all got “dolled up” and headed over to OC Mix Mart where Cristina took new headshot and team shots! I can’t wait to share some of them with you. 

IMG_1884IMG_2187Team Shot

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After head shots we headed to a local handmade market at Harvest church in Irvine, then home to relax before dinner. I had prepared some yummy appetizers (pinned here) and we sat around our kitchen table, eating, laughing and drinking Apple Margaritas. Well those of us who aren’t preggo anyways. haha


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Saturday night was filled with more fun as we got dressed up and took the team to one of our local favorite restaurants, True Food Kitchen. Since many of us are working on clean eating, or are gluten free and grain free, this was the perfect spot for everyone to find something to love and enjoy. If you haven’t been to True Food I would highly recommend a date night or girls night out. 

Sunday morning was met with a mixture of happiness and sadness for me. There was this incredible sense of joy that the weekend had gone so well and that our team had be given the chance to spend time bonding, but at the same time sadness that they would all be heading home. I wasn’t ready for the weekend to end. I wasn’t ready for everyone to go home. I wished that we could all sit and work around my kitchen table, as crazy as that might sound. 


I truly believe, especially after this weekend that God had his hand in picking each and every person who is on our team and I’m so excited for what the future holds. We’re already starting to plan 2014’s reunion. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to giving everyone a couple weeks off to rest their bodies and minds before 2014 begins. Here’s to a relaxing Christmas and an incredible year next year!

For Such a Time as This girls….. Love you all! 

xo, Alissa


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