This Weeks Addiction


| Jacket c/o Ruby Claire Boutique + Extensions c/o Laced Hair |

This weeks addiction is in the #longhairdontcare category. Y’all I’ve always, always, always wanted to have long locks, but it’s the patience to grow it out that kills me. Not to mention the fact that sometimes if fun and trendy to sport a shorter do. So when I discovered Laced Hair Extensions when I met Lacey at Elevate Conference last May, I feel in LOVE!! Lacey is amazing, she’s a fellow Mama Entrepreneur. A hair dresser extraordinaire  by day in Utah, she went on the search for the perfect hair extensions, both clip in and permanent. Made from real hair and with colors to match almost every hair color out there, Lacey has made a real name for herself, which is off the charts awesome!

After chatting back and forth for almost 9 months, Lacey and I met up a couple weeks ago when I was in Utah at Alt Summit and I bit the bullet and snagged myself some clip ins! Y’all words cannot describe how much I love them + obsessed with them I am. I mean, I seriously have to talk myself out of putting them in just to pick up my kids at carpool. Because, carpool! They’re soft and the ombre color she clipped in my hair is matched to perfection, you can’t even tell where my hair ends and the clip ins begin!

If you’re on the fence, here are 5 reasons to invest in these extensions:

  1. They’re so soft because their made from real hair so when you clip them in it won’t even look like you’re wearing extensions.
  2. They’re easy to take care off, in fact, I washed and blow dried mine for the first time today and it was no problem at all!
  3. There’s always an occasion where long hair would be much more fun.
  4. If you have thin hair, these clip ins will make your hair look thicker and fuller in minutes
  5. They don’t take long to put in. In fact, I’ve got it down to less than 10 minutes to get all 8 pieces in!
  6. They can be cut and colored – it’s just recommended to use a professional to do it for you.

Ok, that’s 6 reasons. haha What are you waiting for? Pop over to Laced Hair and snag some clip ins for yourself. OR if you’re in the market for some extensions, then be sure to check Lacey’s site for where you can find a trained technician to put in your Laced Hair Extensions.

Be honest, are you tempted?

xo, Alissa

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