This Weeks Addiction

will leave your lips feeling tingling and looking fantastic. Now y’all the hubs has never been a fan of lipstick so I hardly every find myself wearing it. But! I do love the idea of having some color on my lips. I feel like as I’ve gotten older some of the color has started to drain from my lips leaving them feeling less pink that I remember them. So, despite my hubs aversion to all things lip stick or lip gloss, I hit Sephora in search of a lip stick that will leave my lips feeling tingly and looking plump. I figure go big or go home! Prove to him that he needs to love my lips slathered in color.

Well, let me tell you, after a short conversation with one of the lovely ladies at Sephora I found myself standing in front of all things Buxom. Did you know that Buxom means (a woman) that’s plump or with large breasts? How that translates to lips, I’m not sure, but I was dying to find out what this brand could do. Wasting no time, I went straight for the red. Color – amazing; Lips – tingly; Plump – absolutely! I was sold before long and quickly found myself seeking out a more nude color as well.

Buxom 3Buxom AddictionBuxom Lip Pens

Fast forward to the next day. I get ready for work, lather on my lips with my nude lip pen and kiss my husband goodbye on the way to a meeting. Not even out of the driveway I get a text asking me if I’ve got lipstick on today, to which I replied, “yes.” To which he said, “I like, it’s making my lips feel tingly.”

At that point I was S.O.L.D and promptly popped by Sephora on my way home to add another color to my collection. What’s a girl to do right?! I now own 5 colors, both in lip pens and lip glosses and I’m 100% sold! I get compliments on the colors, they stay on really well during the day and, well, they make my lips look Buxom.

Be sure to pop by your local Sephora and check these babies out. I promise you’ll be thanking me once your hubs gets a taste.

xo, Alissa

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