Surviving the 30 Day Ab Challenge

Last month we were challenged by our trainer to complete a 30 Day Ab Challenge with her. What I love about our trainer is that not only does she help us strive to work hard and be better, but she also encourages us to go beyond what we’re already doing. I’m not going to lie, the challenge was difficult and there were a couple days that I missed during the 30 days due to traveling, but at the end of the day I was so glad I did it. If you were following along with us on Instagram, you probably experienced some of the same struggles I did as we got further into the 30 days. I mean, I thought week 3 was hard…. until we began week 4. Combining all the exercises from each week definitely pushed me to my limits, especially when I was completing the days challenge after our 50 minute workout. So, I thought that I would share some tips for how to complete the challenge.

1. Set Your Alarm

Find a time that works for your during the day. It could be 15 minutes before your littles wake up or you have to get up for work or maybe during nap time or your lunch break at work. Set an alarm with the days challenge so that you’re more likely to stick with it. When that alarm goes off, be committed, and complete the days challenge. I found that on the days I had the time set aside and chose not to complete the days challenge, I felt guilty because I had set the goal to complete all 30 days.

2. Break it Up

As the weeks go on you’re going to begin combining the workout from that day with the ones from previous weeks and that’s the point where it gets harder. Figure out how many reps you need to do that day and divide the workouts in smaller rotations. Mixing it up it will make it easier for you to get it all done.

For example, If you have to do 4o side dips and 25 leg ups, I would do 20 side dips on one side, then 10 leg ups, then do 20 side dips on the other side, then finish up with 15 leg ups. Shortening the reps with help your body be able to work through the each exercise you need to complete. Continue to do this each week and while I won’t guarantee it will get any easier, it will be more manageable.

3. Be Realistic, but do your Best

Anytime you start a challenge it’s important to understand that each week is only going to get harder, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Know your limitations and if you need to make some adjustments to how you do each exercise or even shorten the number of reps, then make those changes. If 25 reps each side is difficult, then do lower the reps to 15-20, but still make sure to complete the entire challenge for the day.

4. Stay Committed

I promise you it’s going to get hard, but nothing good comes easy, it takes hard work. I’m sure many of you already know this from working jobs, being in school and getting good grades or even raising children. You have your good days and your bad days, but this challenge can make a difference in your life. It can be the first step in your fitness journey. Y’all if my mom, at 63 (sorry, Mom), can rock this challenge for the whole month, then you can too!!! I was so proud of her!! Commit yourself to these 30 days and do your best to complete the challenge each day.

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw this picture last night, but I’m sharing it here too. I’m trying to put myself out there during this fitness journey (good, bad and ugly) so that you can understand that this journey is just that…. a journey. It’s not going to be, and most certainly hasn’t been an overnight change, and it has been really hard and at times frustrating, but at the end of the day, it’s a journey I’m glad I’m on. On the left is me before I began the 30 Ab Challenge and the left is a week after we finished. On top of the ab challenge I was also continuing my regular weekly workouts.

If you’re looking for a great challenge, I highly recommend checking out the 30 Day Ab Challenge that our trainer, Ambia, created.

So what do you say? Are you ready to take the Challenge?

Did you join us during the challenge? How did it go?