SNAP: It’s Time To Carve Pumpkins


Halloween is such a fun time for our family.  Our kids get “carving pumpkin” crazy beginning Oct. 1!  They start counting down the days to when they get to carve pumpkins then ask me everyday until we finally get to.  Talk about a long month!!!! 🙂 We use to go to the grand pumpkin patch and do the rides, take the pictures and pay way too much for a tiny pumpkin.  The kids got smart or I just got tired, for the last few years we have been going to our local grocery store where we can get 3 huge pumpkins for only ten bucks!!! Hello YES!!!


So a few days before the Grand-O-Halloween we have a fun meal and then clear the table and put on our crazy plastic table cloth to carve these huge orange fruits!!! Yes it’s a fruit, I had to look that one up! I love photographing these moments with my family.  The photos remind me of their age, the fact that they wanted to be independent, the year I didn’t have to help my daughter carve her pumpkin (I was happy and sad at the same time) and that these funny huge fruits are a source of fun for all of us!


This year I wanted to capture that my daughter loved sticking her hands in the pumpkin to get it cleaned out, where my son use a giant spoon then had dad help because he did not want to touch the mess.  Kind of funny because you would think he would just dive into it. Well when it came to the cutting he did.  He broke 2 cutting tools before finishing his jack-o-later and had to have dad and mom help him.  My daughter on the other hand, had that pumpkin cleaned out and then started a stencil to carve hers.  I was amazed at her jack-o-later and so proud of her.  She took her time, concentrated on what she wanted to do and in the end won our family pumkin carving contest!!!!  The Bat!!!


It was a night of laughter and fun and a night of using my flash to the max, which I LOVE to do!!! If you have low light in your house like I do here is a great trick for you.  Point your flash all the way up and as far back as you can and bounce that light off your ceiling or wall. Done right you will get effects like the above photo of the bat jack-o-lantern.  If you want to get this glowing dark effect sit your camera on something stable like a coffee table or the floor and open that camera up to let the most light you can in while all your lights are turned off.


I hope your Halloween is fun and grand and I hope those pumpkins make it to the big night!!!  I hope you take some wonderful pictures to last you a life time!

Snapping away,