SNAP: Little Moments


This year has started off with a lot of change.  It’s our year of change.  My kids are growing up way too fast for me.  There was a time I just wished they would be older because that meant a little more freedom for all of us.  I’ll be honest this age is by far my favorite.  Caleb is 7 and Rebekah is 9.  Their personalities are soaring.  I don’t want to forget to capture who they are today.  They have changed so much over the years and it seems like each month brings new joys in their lives.  Caleb is full of energy and still such a little boy.  Fun and interesting is how I describe him.  In the photo above he was singing, just because.  It reminded me to sing out loud just because we can!  


My little lady has entered into a new phase in life.  She loves dolls and fashion! Pretty great combo!!! But this one does things out of the box all the time.  She really doesn’t care to be logical about things like I seem to be. It kind of pushes me beyond my own comfort zone.  Case in point I found her reading like this. Top bunk, oh you know it’s totally normal to sit on the edge of the railing and read.  I love her.  This image reminds me that we aren’t all the same, thank God right?  She is still such a little girl even though we don’t shop in the little girls section anymore. 

IMG_3344  IMG_3350

My hope is that these smiles will always remind me that life is great.  That the time right now matters and that no matter what the day brings I have these smiles.  I love to capture people and their faces.  As you have probably found out I love faces.  I think they tell such a beautiful story of people’s lives.  I hope that as you SNAP away you find joy in the faces that surround you daily! 

Much love friends,

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