SNAP: And We Are Back To School


School started this week for most of us and I really had mixed feelings about it all.  It kind of crept up on me and I really wasn’t ready for my kids to go back to shcool.  This was the first year that I really just enjoyed hanging out with my kids, plus they are 7 and 9 so it came with a little more freedom for them and me.  When I realized that school was starting in 2 weeks I decided I would do the back to school shoot before the first day of school that way I could enjoy getting some cute shots of my kids with their friends.


It’s totally OK that these are not on their actual first day of school, it was only a week difference + I am pretty sure they are not going to grow an inch over night from the time we shot this to the time the first day of school actually came around!!!!   What I love about the shoot is that we got to ask them what they want to be when they grow up!

A DRAGON!!!! I know it is everyone’s dream to be a Dragon!!! It’s fun to see the different ages and the different dreams that each kid has even now.


| Katelyn’s Moccasins c/o Freshly Picked // Katelyn’s Dress + Rebekah’s Top c/o Little Wellies |


Remember this, what I love most about these photos is that the kids are being themselves and they got to have fun in their specific age group: Pre-K, Kinder, 2nd Grade and 4th grade.





| Rebekah’s shoes – Jelly Beans |

We hope you have an amazing school year and have a great time capturing those special moments with your family and friends!!!!