Shop Bachelor Style Ep. 8: The Finale

You guys, I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get this final Shop Bachelor Style post up for Ben’s season!! To say my emotions have been running at an all time high for the last week is an understatement. What the heck happened?! I thought for sure Jojo was the one and was quite shocked when she excited the helicopter first. If she said anything in that moment, I couldn’t repeat it because my ears were ringing from the screams of 8 women who couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Yes, I do understand that I’m probably way too invested in these people’s lives, but, if you’re going to let it all hang out there, I’m going to dissect it.

I think the hardest part of it all has been all the articles that have come out since the finale with Ben claiming that, “It was always Lauren.” If he truly knew, why, WHY did he tell Jojo he loved her?! At this point the only conclusion I can come to is that he slipped and told Lauren, it was caught on camera and Chris Harrison made him tell Jojo as well. Looking back and re-watching it, you can see his relationship with Lauren is a lot more natural.

Oh the plus side (yay!) we will be seeing a lot more of Jojo!! I’m thrilled she’s the new bachelorette and not Caila. I can’t wait to see all the cute outfits she wears and all the cute men she’ll get to date. Here’s to hoping she finds love!


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Now let’s talk about the girls style for the finale and After the Final Rose episode. That beautiful cobalt blue Badgley Mishka dress looked stunning on Lauren and I think it was one of her better rose ceremony picks from the season. The blue dress against her skin tone and blonde hair really made her stand out against the backdrop for the proposal. If you’re interested in trying this look out for yourself, you can rent this look from Rent the Runway!



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Shop Bachelor Style

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Shop Bachelor Style

| Jojo’s Dress – Alexander Wang // Lauren B.’s Dress – Jonathan Simkhai |

Ok, let’s talk about these dresses the girls wore for After the Final Rose. They were both stunning!! I loved that Jojo came out looking confident and sexy, showing off her amazing cleavage. She looked both radiant and happy and it’s clear that she’s worked through her feelings for Ben and is ready for her own journey. Did anyone else catch the slow clap and look of shock on Ben’s face when they made the announcement tho? I’m pretty sure they didn’t tell him.

Lauren, of course, looked amazing. It was appropriate that she was wearing white lace, especially if they had decided to take up Chris Harrison’s offer to get married on the show. Wouldn’t that have made for a fun plot twist? Alas they decided they wanted to do things like: enjoy a real first date, before tying the knot. Can’t say I blame them.

Be sure to scoop up those dresses if you love them as they’re going fast!

Who’s look was your favorite from the evening: Jojo or Lauren B? Did he make the right choice?

Here’s to next season starting in May!

xo, Alissa