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Now I look forward to the women tell all episode as much as y’all do, but there were several things that happened last night that had me scratching my head. I’m sure you feel the same way. Here are my top 10, be sure to comment with anything I might’ve missed.

Top 10 Things that were hard to Miss on last night’s Bachelor Women Tell All Episode:

  • The chicken – umm seriously, did we need to bring the live chicken to the show? I kept hoping that thing would poop on her white outfit just because it’s dumb to bring your chicken wherever you go. You love chickens, we get it, leave it in the coop.
  • Wardrobe malfunctions – were there any? I kept waiting for it. Did you see the racks on all those girls hanging out all night? Guess they were all trying to appeal to the male audience. Put some clothes on ladies!
  • Olivia – I could go on for days, but I won’t. Let’s just hone in on the point in the episode where the girls are accusing her of being a bully so she breaks down and starts talking about being bullied as a child. Hello?! It took me back to the episode where Ben arrives at the cocktail party letting the girls know it’s been a rough day because he had close friends pass away and she pulls him aside to talk about her insecurities in hopes of getting him to compliment her.
  • The Twins – I’m so over these girls and last night was it for me. I seriously wanted to put a muzzle on them. Get over yourselves!
  • Leah – girlfriend, we all know you lied about talking bad about Lauren B. to Ben. He had every right to confront the situation and you got sent home because you yammered on and on about it. Then to come on WTA last night and claim that he should’ve kept all those things private and not put her in a bad situation with the girls was just dumb.


  • Jubliee – We get that your complicated and controversial, but if watching back, you couldn’t see that you were the reason that the relationship got difficult, that’s not Ben’s problem.
  • Lace – she’s been asked to come back for Bachelor in Paradise?! What the what?! Chris, she just got done saying she doesn’t love herself and therefore can’t find love and you want to stick her on a dessert island to compete for a man?
  • The guy with the tattoo – did y’all see that? Some guy tattoo’d a picture of Lace on his ribs. People are crazy y’all.
  • Becca – did you see during the bloopers when Becca got confused on which season she was on and called Ben, “Chris.” This one had me rolling. But seriously, I love Becca!
  • Ben said he would marry the girl he chose tomorrow. Judging from the intense preview of next weeks finale, he better get that girl to a courthouse today before she sits down to watch back the turmoil he was in before choosing her.

And a bonus – if they ask Caila to be the next Bachelorette I’m moving to Canada. UGH! She would be the worst pick!

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I digress. Let’s move on and talk about what we’re really here for, which is our favorite looks from the night and where we can buy them!

Let’s start with Amanda. That red For Love & Lemon’s dress was gorgeous on her and you can own it too. It comes in black and white as well.

For Love & Lemon's dress

| White dress // Black Dress |

I was loving Becca’s look as well! She had on a gorgeous sequin romper that she had rented, but I found it for you to buy! #yourewelcome

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 10.50.27 AM

| Kimora Romper |

Caila and Olivia were the only two girls in the group that chose to keep some modesty and not only covered up their tatas, but also wore really cute pantsuits. While I wasn’t able to track down the exact ones they wore, here are a couple similar options that are just as cute!

White Jumpsuit Collage

| All Time Low Jumpsuit // Bandeau Double V Jumpsuit |

black pantsuit collage

| Strapless Popover Jumpsuit // Adelyn Rae Black Strapless Jumpsuit |

As much Drama as Lace is, I loved her dress last night and I found it for you! She looked incredible in it! Here dress is from Bebe and is still available so likely easy to find in a store or you can go ahead and snag it online.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 10.49.15 AM

| Studded Quilted Dress |

Well friends, until next week where we find out who Ben loves more … happy shopping! As always, tell me all your thoughts on this weeks Bachelor Women Tell All episode and which outfits you can’t wait to add to your closet.

xo, Alissa