Shop Bachelor Style: Bachelorette Edition Ep. 1


I’m back with more Shop Bachelor Style! This season couldn’t come fast enough!

Monday night the Bachelorette premiered in full force this week and it left us nothing short of: shocked, excited, bewildered, for what, I’m sure will be the most dramatic season yet. From the men’s ridiculous sentiments about promising to never tell her they loved her and then fall in love with someone else – ya thanks jerk for the reminder of what happened 2 months ago on live television – to “toasting” to getting to know each other, there were several moments I threw up a little in my mouth. But what’s the fun in being a loyal fan of #bachelornation, and I am, if you can enjoy a little fun at the expense of the contestants. I mean, men there for the right reasons, to fall in love and get married.

Side note: I don’t think Daniel got this memo because he drunkly got down to his skivvy’s, flexed for the camera and threw himself into the pool. At this point, I was also wondering if Jojo was going to find love this season.

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Before I get into my picks for the season and of course, Jojo’s adorable style, let’s talk about the house party. Chris Harrison, I hope you’re reading this because I’m expecting you to pick my home to drop in on during one of our viewing parties. With the house being, well, closer to completion, I felt it was safe to have some girls over to enjoy some vino, treats and help Jojo pick her men. We are a huge fan of Bachelor games + we recycled our Fantasy Bachelor game for Jojo’s season.

Here’s the 411. You can find the game here + here’s how you play. Before you begin watching the premiere, everyone must pick the 4 men they think will earn them points during the first episode. This must be done using only their photos. All entries are recorded and the game begins. Following the game, you can earn points for various actions the men perform on the first episode. Keep track! Then, at the end of the episode, BEFORE you watch the previews for the season, each person picks a keeper, sleeper (can start earning you points at episode 6) and two floaters (people who will be drama, or you think will last, but can earn you points). All entries are recorded and the preview is watched. Following this is usually a great deal of screaming and yelling at the tv.


Ok, let’s talk about my picks for the season. For episode one I picked Luke, Brandon, Vinny and Robby. They earned me a whopping 65 points, putting me only 3 points behind everyone who had Jordan on their short list. Now for my final 4. Let me preface by reminding you that these picks were made before watching season previews so I realize that I may end up with no one at my team long before the end of the season. haha

Keeper – Chad
Sleeper – Jordan
Floater – Luke
Floater – Daniel

Now, enough of that, let’s get to the good stuff. What Jojo’s wearing #whatjojowears I’m a huge fan of romper’s, as is Jojo, and I’m predicting we’re going to be seeing a lot of rompers this season. Starting with the Blue Life Boho Romper that she was wearing during her “sit down” with the girls to get some encouragement before her season started. Pretty sure they recorded that after her season had started, but #whatever. Not only can you snag Jojo’s romper, but Blue Life has a couple other adorable options you can buy while you’re at it.

Romper Collage

Feather Romper . Floral Romper . Blue Bohemian Romper

And how about that gorgeous nude sequin dress Jojo was wearing when she met the men. While we might not have a fancy place to wear that baby, I know I don’t, here are some other fun options that would be great for a wedding, Christmas party, New Year’s party or maybe even a work party. The sky is the limit!

Nude Sequin Dress

Short and Flirty . Long and Luscious . Stand Out

Ok ladies, have fun shopping! What did you think of the season premiere? Who are your top picks for this season?

xo, Alissa