Scenes from our Weekend

This weekend was amazing…

It was everything that I we needed to be refreshed.

Please understand me when I say that we love our children so much, but there’s something about going away and having one-on-one time with Kyle where we can talk about life, love, goals and dreams that is so good for our marriage.

Plus it’s always fun to use a birthday as an excuse to visit a new local spot.

This was my first trip staying overnight in San Diego and it was incredible.

Our weekend began with a trip through Pedro’s Tacos in San Clemente on our way to Queen Bee Market in Carlsbad.

If you’ve never been… I’m telling you it’s a MUST!!

I’m even contemplating applying for the next one. Would you come visit Rags to Stitches and buy a Neon Clutch?


Love this girl and she has an amazing shop too!

These are the amazing ladies I got to shop Queen Bee with on Friday: Kristen from Ahoy Graphics (who did my website, you need her to do yours too), Megan from Flawed Perfection Jewelry and Monick from Lilly Bug Lane.

Then we spent the weekend eating and enjoying time with friends.

We also enjoyed lots of desserts as it was, of course, Kyle’s birthday everywhere we went!

Just a little bit of wine humor above.

Today we’re home and back to work, but with a pep in our step and lots of snuggles for our littles.

I’m pretty sure they grew a couple inches while we are gone! #timeismyenemy

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?