Scenes from our Weekend

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Well it’s not every weekend that you can say there was laughter, tears, weddings, dancing BBQ’s and emergency room visits. I feel as thought the past three days had enough packed in to equal a week. The only thing I would trade would be the trip to the ER and watching them put stitches in my son’s chin. Uhhh!

Friday night I drove up to pick up my beautiful friend Jacqui and take her out to dinner. This is the first time we’ve been able to sneak away alone and our time was filled with deep conversations about life, love and a search to still try and understand what God is doing through all of this. I still struggle daily to understand why Ryan’s life needed to be taken as part of Dan and Jacqui’s story. I think this might be a forever burning question in my mind. Each time I see her, I’m floored by their strength and will to live loud as Ryan did and attempt to do and go some of the places that they often went as a family of three.

Kyle and I

Saturday we headed to the wedding of some dear friends of ours. Kyle went to high school with Erin and it’s been so incredible to watch her and Phill fall in love and then share that love with us all this past weekend. And just to add to all the craziness of this weekend, Kyle had told me that the wedding started at 4pm, so I planned our whole day around dropping the kids off at Gigi and Papa’s at 3, 15 minutes to say hello and catch up and 30 minutes to get to the wedding so we’d have a couple minutes to grab a good seat.

Yes well, we get in the car and we’re on our way when I turn to Kyle and ask if he knows the address for where we are going. He replies back, yes, because the wedding was at Erin’s parents house. I told him to be on the safe side we should look up the address so we don’t risk getting lost. As Kyle pulls up the address and begins reading it out loud, my smile turns to a frown. The wedding starts with a cocktail hour at 5pm, followed by a 6pm ceremony and dinner and dancing afterwards. Ya, I had told Kyle’s parents we’d pick up the kids at 9.

So we did what every couple dressed up for a wedding does to kill time…. we went and walked around Barbecue’s Galore.

wedding collagewedding collage 2

We had a fantastic time at the wedding and I even got my wiggles out getting my groove on. While I will never compete with Kyle’s signature move, “the bunny,” I’ve got a few fun ones of my own.

flowersPollinate BBQ

Sunday we gathered some of the local peeps from the Pollinate team together and had a BBQ and pool party. I love any opportunity to get as much of the team together as we can to spend time getting to know one another outside of work. I truly believe it boosts the moral of the team and, well, it’s just fun to have a party!

We had such a great afternoon together and the kids all got along as if they’d been friends since birth so the adults actually had time to enjoy a conversation or two. I’m thinking that we need to make these a regular occurrence.

ER Visit Collage

While we had a fantastic day with friends, just as the last family was leaving the kids were running around outside and Brayden took a tumble. From the second I heard him scream, I bolted because I just knew something had happened.  The second I got to Brayden’s side I could see the slit on his chin. We quickly whipped into nurse mode and applied pressure to get it to stop bleeding so that I could drive him to the ER.

Our next 4 hours were spent waiting to see an ER doctor, for the “magic cotton ball” to put his owie to sleep, and for them to have time to do his stitches. Poor little guy was so tired and ready to go home. The worst part was getting the stitches in (he lost it), but once they were done he calmed down quickly and in better spirits again.

I’m pretty sure I need a extra day of rest to recover from our weekend, but I’m thankful for a weekend filled with people I love and quality time spent with them all.

Here’s to Monday!

How was your weekend?

xo, Alissa