Scenes from our busy week

I think there are times when we get so caught up in the stress of life.

All the little things add up, emails, blog posts, laundry, dishes, house cleaning…

That’s how I’ve been feeling this last month as I’ve been getting ready for VBS at our church.

I found myself lost in the busyness and stressing about how I was going to keep up with Rags to Stitches, Pollinate and my house while dedicating an entire week to our church and our children’s ministry program.

There were so many nights I laid in bed crying and contemplating stepping down.

Letting go of my Co-Director position; a role that I had stepped into two years ago.

But there was a tug at my heart that kept telling me to press on.

To keep trusting in God that He put me in this position for a reason and that our family was meant to be there that week.

Last Sunday tents were set up and decorated to look like outdoor huts.

Our great lawn was turned into Babylon and the stage was set for an incredible week of learning about the courage of Daniel.

150 kids registered and showed up Monday morning ready for an exciting week.

Many of our youth stepped up into leadership roles

Adults dressed up as shopkeepers, tribal parents, soldiers, tax collectors, beggars….

all to make VBS week a memorable one for our kids.

And God showed up!

He met each child where they were at and showed them how through Him they could all have courage too.

That through Him they have immeasurable strength.

It touched not only our kindergarten through fifth graders, but also our preschoolers….

my preschoolers….

Was the week busy? … yes

Was it exhausting? … yes

Was it worth every minute? … 100% yes!

God is so amazing!! Somewhere in the midst of the craziness, I was able to squeeze in some naps, early bed times, quality time with my husband and kids and all my emails got answered and blog posts got written.

Gods strength…. NOT mine!!

Earlier in the week I posted a picture of a hoop that my sweet friend designed that says, “Be Still and Know that I am God.” This reminder was so pertinent for me this week. A week where I felt unsure of how everything was going to get done. But see, that’s the great thing about the God we serve. When we are serving Him, and putting his will for our lives first by living in obedience, He helps us get everything else done. He gives us those extra hours, those extra moments, that extra quality time that we need to fill our cup.

When I think of this amazing week and the lives that were touched, I’m most grateful for the two lives of my children whose hearts were immeasurable touched by their tribal moms. They have spent the weekend singing songs, talking about they Bible stories they learned and reciting scripture. How amazing is that?!!

This video makes this whole week worth it. It makes all the other little stresses leading up to this week seem silly and small. Are you and your kids a part of VBS at a church? Do you have any favorite memories of how God touched your life during VBS week?