Redefining Success

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I used to define my success by how busy I was.

Sorry we haven’t talked, life has been so busy, I’m sure you know how it is

Yup, I would disappear for weeks, citing “busyness” as my excuse. But you know what? There were a couple of things I never took into consideration until I began to slow my damn life down. One, I never stopped to think about how my friends would feel hearing me say that so often and two, what was so great about being so busy.

As if, “how are you doing?” “Good, busy” was the way to define success. Let’s just say that in the last couple of months I’ve worked hard to balance out my life. Ok, well maybe balance is not quite the right word. More like, we’ve hired strategic people for the business that allow us to accomplish more and for less of that to be on my daily plate. It’s allowed me to relax, find time to cook again, say yes to playdates and make more time for friends.

You know what I’ve noticed? I’m happier!

I’m sleeping better, loving better, being a better mom, most importantly a better wife. I’m able to shut my brain off and be in the moment more. It’s wonderful! I forgot how much I missed that. I think there might even be whole days where I don’t check Instagram, let alone post on it. #shock

Am I still busy? Sure. Just a different kind of busy. A better kind of busy. One that is filled with family, friendship, laughter, time for things I love and, as a result, I feel more accomplished at the end of my work day because I’m able to focus more, be a better problem solver and focus on growth.

Do you ever find yourself becoming too busy, bogged down by the wrong things?


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Found this great article last week citing 13 ways to drive traffic to old blog posts. I’ve already put some of these to great use… and it’s working.

While I will agree that toddlers make things more difficult I’m finding that their all still pertinent even when your kids are 6 and 5, like mine.

Since my oven has been broken for almost 4 months now and Kitchen Aid/Whirlpool and the damn person they assigned to “fix” my oven have pretty much made it clear that they save their best customer service reps for those looking to purchase a new appliance vs. fix one they own, I’m becoming very slow cooker savvy. That being said, I’m thinking this might be the next recipe I try. It looks mouthwatering delish!

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xo, Alissa