Planning the Perfect Kids Party

Throwing the best party

Throwing a birthday party for your little one may seem like a big task, but it doesn’t need to be. Here are 5 tips to help you throw your child the best birthday party and one they will never forget!

1. Plan your party around something your child loves

Right now Brayden’s interests are Jiu Jitsu and playing Ninja’s. He loves anything that allows him to run around and climb on things. In fact, we’ve taken to nicknaming him, “monkey,” around here because it feels like he’s always climbing on something. When it came time to planning his birthday party, I decided to combine a couple of his favorite things, his love for climbing and his interest in Ninja’s. After all Ninja’s are stealthy and can climb walls, right? Right away I knew exactly where we needed to have his birthday party: Funtopia. Funtopia is an indoor climbing center for kids, located in Santa Ana. There are so many fun climbing wall options as well as a velcro wall and a slide.

Funtopia was actually the perfect location for a birthday party. The staff is incredible!! They helped me get the party decorations set up, got the kids ready in their climbing gear and kept up with each one of them as they dashed from climbing wall to climbing wall. I’ve never been so impressed!! The best part – they’re fantastic with kids! In fact, they have a yearly pass that I’m thinking we might need for the kids because they had such a wonderful experience climbing there.


2. The Guest List

It can be tricky to figure out who to invite to a birthday party, especially when your little ones have friends from school, church and outside of school activities. Here are a few things to consider before sending out your invites. Is there a maximum amount of guests your party location can accommodate? Is the activity you’re doing geared more towards just boys or just girls? Is there a way to combine school friends with outside of school friends organically? For example, when my daughter turned 6 we did a painting party and since the girls were painting cupcakes on oil and canvas, we decided it would be a “girl only” party and based on the location and the cost per child, we limited the guest list to the girls in her class.

Since Funtopia is a larger location, can accommodate 25 children and would be fun for both boys and girls, we invited all the kids in Brayden’s class and some other little friends he often has playdates with.

3. Plan your Decorations

The older my little ones get the more I realize that decorations do not need to be complicated. But, I do love tying everything together, from the location to the theme and I really think that the decorations are a very important part of the party. They set the mood for the fun the kids are going to have and coming up with a theme for your party based around what your child’s interests are helps your guests to select a gift for your little one. The last couple of parties we’ve thrown for our kids, Chasing Fireflies has been my “go to” for decorations. With so many great options for themed parties you’re planning to throw, I never have trouble finding the perfect party decor.

Since we went a Ninja theme this year, I was really excited to partner with Chasing Fireflies as they have a great selected of decor for a Ninja party. I ended up ordering 2 of the Ninja partytime packs and then extra plates, napkins, cups and the cute cupcake wrappers. The table was decorated with mini ninja’s that each of the kids got to take home with them.

IMG_5011_1IMG_5019 IMG_4957

4. Plan the Dessert

I’m all about simplicity when it comes to desert. Since it get’s consumed faster that I am able to enjoy how “pretty” it is, I’ve found that simple cakes in simple flavors work well for kids. I like to stick with chocolate, vanilla or funfetti, because who doesn’t love a funfetti cake?! Since we went with a Ninja theme this year, I decided on a chocolate cake with red buttercream frosting. I also made vanilla cupcakes for the kids who don’t like chocolate. Then I took a couple of the ninja’s we received from Chasing Fireflies and put them on top as decoration. Voila! Cake made by Sweet and Saucy Shop


5. Don’t Forget to Capture all the Memories

Take lots of pictures! Even if it’s not you that takes them because there are moments when you need to be in them, ask another mom before the party if they can help with photo and video so you can capture those special moments. I have a friend and we both know, at her parties, I take photos and video and at mine, she does. We make the perfect team! Also, don’t forget to take lots of pictures with the birthday child spending time with his/her friends. Photos and videos help keep the memories alive long after the party is done.


Last, but not least, Don’t Stress!! I know that’s easier said than done, but in reality, your kids only remember all their friends coming to celebrate, they don’t remember if there are little hiccups along the way. For example, when I bought a number 5 candle for Brayden and he was turning 6! I didn’t even realize I had the wrong number candle until my daughter pointed it out as I was putting it in the cake to get ready to sing, “Happy Birthday.” Talk about major mom fail. But you know what, Funtopia had extra candles because they host kids birthday parties and they swooped in and saved the day with 6 candles. Brayden didn’t even notice the difference!

Parties are meant to be fun and a time for friends to gather and celebrate. Be sure to remember that when you’re feeling like it’s not coming together the way you hoped.

Do you have any other party planning tips?

xo, Alissa


** Special thank you to Chasing Fireflies for providing all the decor for Brayden’s party and to Sender One’s Funtopia for partnering with us to provide the perfect party location.