This one time I said blue balls on my blog

In light of the camaraderie I felt after posting my embarrassing albeit humorous post about my recent trip to Home Depot, I thought, why not share another fun story from our home project. Honestly you guys, I don’t even know where to begin with this one, so I’ll just start from the beginning. Back in March, we were working tirelessly to get back in our home. The short term rental we had been living in was sold during the final weeks of our contract and so we had no choice but to move out. We’d been house hopping for 3 weeks, all just waiting for paint and floors to be put in. It never even occurred to me to check each wood piece as they were going in.

Fast forward months…..months you guys!  We’re moved back in, living through remaining construction, working from home in the midst of it and I’m standing in our kitchen, leaning against a counter on a work call with one of the girls on our Pollinate Media team. I look down at my feet and begin to say, “Oh my goodness, how cool is that, there’s heart shape in our wood floor right in our kitchen…..”

Then, I turn my head and realize….uhhhhhh….


You guys, I can’t even make this stuff up! This piece is in our kitchen forever! When I showed it to our contractor, his only response was, “well it’s not going to get any relief anytime soon, that’s for sure.” Ummmm….. #blueballs, there I said it.


Somebody please tell me it’s not that noticeable and that you would’ve missed it if you were visiting!! Good grief! If you need me, I’ll be consuming this beverage, not in the kitchen.



My only thought and prayer is that when people visit our home they don’t notice. So if you come by and the door to the dishwasher is hanging open, you know why, it’s the only privacy it gets.

Stay tuned, I have more pictures of our beautiful kitchen coming soon.

xo, Alissa

PS: anyone else with remodel war stories like mine?