This one time I was that Mom

There are many things people might say I am.
I’m quirky,
I work hard,
I work a lot haha

But much of the time I am not that Mom.
I’m not the mom who volunteers to be room mom,
or to carpool the kids.
I agonized over whether or not I wanted to be a soccer mom
and then when I resigned, the league was full.
I look at Pinterest and sign because while I pin it all
I know I will never make any of it.
And I certainly don’t have random crafts lying around that I can whip into something pretty.
Don’t get me started on the teacher gift anxiety I get.

20130827-IMG_0100 20130827-IMG_0105

What’s worse is that every year I’m that Mom who is rushing to Target 3 days before Halloween, hoping and praying there’s a costume still left in each kids size that they will enjoy wearing. My brother and I didn’t really grow up with an emphasis to dress up and trick or treat so I’ve never really paid much mind either. Each year we manage to find a cute costume to throw together and my kids are happy and I’m happy.

This year my kids started talking about Halloween the minute school ended.


Suddenly my summer became filled with dreams and demands of cute costumes and candy eating.

20130827-IMG_0112 20130827-IMG_0121-2

| Superman + Supergirl |

20130827-IMG_0144 20130827-IMG_0146 20130827-IMG_0182

| Superman, Supergirl, Captain America + Wonder Woman |

20130827-IMG_0194 20130827-IMG_0197 20130827-IMG_0207

All photographs above were taken by the talented Cristina Robeck Photography

| Costumes c/o Chasing Fireflies |

This year Chasing Fireflies came to my rescue! They have the most creative and well made costumes I’ve seen. Some of their costumes even come with 4-8 different accessories that at any other generic store you’d be paying extra for. When we sat down to look at the catalogue, I had matching costumes in mind. I’m very much ready to retire the cow costume that Kyle has owned since high school and its twin sister we’ve somehow acquired over the years. While they have been good to us over the years and have provided us some hilarious memories, I was ready to try on something new.

Since Brayden is into superhero’s I convinced everyone to dress up as their favorite superhero. This took some coaxing for Miss Katelyn because there are no princess superheros, but after guilting her into feeling like she would be left out if she picked the mermaid costume over Super Girl (yes I am that mom too) we were rocking and rolling.

I kid you not when I tell you that your little ones will love you if you order their costumes from Chasing Fireflies and if you do, be sure to order one for yourselves as well. After all, there’s nothing better than your kids thinking your their super hero for making sure they have rad costumes for Halloween and more than 3 days before, right?

Are you like me? Do you wait till the last minute or find your Halloween costumes?

Tell me about your most memorable Halloween costume.

All of our amazing costumes were provided by Chasing Fireflies, but the humor and the honesty about my failures as a mom are my own.


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