New Instagram Hack

Instagram Hack

Well, once again I feel like we’re being duped by Facebook as they rein power over Instagram. Seems like for the last several weeks I’m not consistently seeing all the people I follow and that maybe people aren’t seeing my photos in their feed. Insert the latest update and some new features within Instagram. Instead of doing something awesome, like letting us toggle between multiple user accounts, I think they changed the algorithm and added this sneaky feature.

The ability to Turn on Notifications.

Not seeing your favorite Instagrammers photos daily – no worries, there’s now a way you can go in and turn on notifications so that when they do post, you’ll see it in your activity feed. Here’s how you do it.

STEP ONE: Go to the profile page for the user you’d like to see notifications for.


STEP TWO: See those cute little dots in the upper right hand corner? Yup, go ahead and click on them and you’ll see a pop up at the bottom of your screen. Click to “Turn on Post Notifications.”


You can see, from the picture below that Instagram lets you know that the post notifications have been turned on and you can now rest assured that you’re not going to miss your favorite people posting.


Do you have favorite accounts you love to follow?

xo, Alissa

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