Don’t Get Me Down, Down Down


We’re one month into the new year and there’s a lot of conversation happening around all the changes Facebook and Instagram have once again made to their algorithms. From the various groups that I’m a part of, there’s growing frustration about how to overcome these changes and keep your followers seeing your posts. So in light of all the changes, I wanted to share some suggestions for how to overcome the algorithm and not lose your mind in the process. Some of these are practical tips for your sanity and others are tips that I’ve been working on myself the last couple of weeks based on various articles I’ve read and conversations I’ve been in.

Tip One: Breathe! Y’all I can’t stress this one enough! We all hate change, myself included, but being adaptable is what’s going to help you come out on top of all the changes. Instead of circling the drain on your frustration, be willing to pivot and try new things.

Tip Two: Get on board with Video. Try out creating videos and posting them on your feed, be willing to utilize Instagram stories for more than just posting photos. Say hello to your followers, engage them in an ongoing conversation and be willing to show them “behind the scenes” details of your life so they can relate to you on a more personal level. Get on Instagram and FB Live!!


Tip Three: Don’t be boring! Be more Transparent. Don’t just share all the pretty, perfect corners of your life. Be open to sharing personal struggles and I don’t mean your frustration with the new Instagram algorithm. Be real & authentic!

Tip Four: Respond to comments. I’ve read in multiple places that when you post, responding your readers comments within 60 minutes or less after your post goes up, actually will help your post be seen more in the feed. Instagram is looking for people who engage with their followers when they like and comment, rather than people who post and run! Even if you’re using a scheduling tool, set an alert to remind yourself to go in and respond to comments.

Tip Five: Don’t give up! Change happens around us all the time, and while we may not always love it, it’s our love for creating and sharing content that should be the focus. Remember your WHY! Be willing to test out new posting times, change up your hashtags, comment more and commit to being more present and I know you will all pass through these changes with flying colors.

Below are some great articles I’ve ready that share what other’s are doing and a couple of workshops that have had a great ROI. If you have other recommendations, I’d love for you to leave a comment and I can add them to this post.


Great Articles:

Great Instagram Workshops:

What are some tips and tricks that have been working for you?

xo, Alissa