His Mercies are New

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I’m sitting her recovering from one of those days where you have to laugh because with every turn it seems like you’re facing another problem head on. I struggle with those days. It’s so easy for me to get wrapped up in the frustration and loose my bearings. I hit this wall where I let the struggle of it all engulf me and my ability to problem solve, thing rationally or even practically goes out the window. I’m relieved to say that I managed to say about the fold on this one today. There were several moments of today where I was thankful that if felt as thought my hours had multiplied because there was much to accomplish before our baby-sitter left at 4pm and then there were moments where I sat with my head in my hands laughing and just shaking my head.

Do you ever have those moments?

The comprise of you just shaking your head in wonderment and wondering how it all managed to fall into one day. At the time time, I’m thankful that it fell into one day because them I’m left with one thing….


That tomorrow is another day, with a new beginning, a fresh start and new life breathed into it. That are life is made up of moments that can be divided by glorious sleep. That God knew that we would need the sun to go down forcing us to rest and put to bed the day we’ve had and have the opportunity to rise and shine with a new day. Today, that feeling seems so glorious.

It’s also a wonderful reminder that it’s so easy to get caught up in the little moments, but miss out on everything else going on around us. Maybe I’m just talking to myself now. I probably am. But I feel like I need this reminder. It’s a great reminder that sometimes we need to stop, shake our heads, laugh, munch on a piece of chocolate, shake it off, roll up our sleeves and get back to work. Ain’t no shame in that, right?!

Now as I sit here, in my pi’s, disappointed that my good hair day is about to end, I’m happy to be curled up in a warm blanket, snuggling my husband and releasing the tension of the day. I’m going to close my computer, catch up on some DVR’d shows, make love to my husband and get a good nights rest. Tomorrow is a new day folks, and I’m letting go of this one and get myself ready to rejoice in the next.

“His mercies are new every morning.” – Amen

Be blessed an encouraged friends.

xo, Alissa