Life Lately


Life lately has included a lot of poke bowls because they seem to be popping up on every corner, kind of like Starbucks, and I feel it’s my personal duty to try them all. I’m pretty sure I’m becoming an expert and plan to do a post soon about Poke places to go.

This year apparently I decided to go all out for Halloween. I usually am the one to boycott and this year I turned my closet into Party City and went all out. It worked out in my favor because my kitty got me a free session at the gym I work out at. #winning

halloween collage

Maverick, a kitty and a lumberjack all walk into a bar….. just kidding, that doesn’t even sound like a set up for a good joke.  

IMG_8490IMG_8486 2IMG_8481 2

We had the best Halloween this year, gathering with friends, overloading on good sangria, chips and guac and candy of course. Katelyn and her friends all dressed up as character from the Descendants, Brayden was a Dark Trooper (just like his uncle) and Kyle and I opted to leave Goose and Maverick at home and rock the lumberjack look.


Life lately is filled with text messages, Beautycounter Socials, make up tutorials and making lots of Almond Butter, with this new machine I just got my hands on.

I have a brand new store I’m addicted too. Like, just take all my money addicted to because their prices are affordable and their clothes are so cute! Click here, you know you want to, just don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Is there any such thing as baking too many pumpkin pies during the holiday season? No, ok good, because well I currently have one in the fridge and one in the oven. The struggle is real. I just love the smell of pumpkin in my kitchen. Quick, someone send me some pumpkin essential oils before I gain 50lbs.

Life lately seems to include a lot of laundry. Why is it that no one can seem to wear anything for 5 minutes without getting it dirty. Send help! I’m under a mountain of wrinkled clothes in need of folding.

Did you see the insane sale Stella & Dot is having? It ends tonight, so go shop, why not.

What’s happening in your life lately?

xo, Alissa