Let’s Have Coffee

Let’s have coffee, shall we? Feels like it’s been forever since we’ve sat down and enjoyed each others company. If we were having coffee I would have the Keurig ready and donuts from my favorite local spot, Sidecar Doughnuts. After all, what is life without coffee + doughnuts, am I right? The smell of the coffee and the frosted donuts permeates the kitchen as you arrive at my home. Since it’s been so beautiful out, we put up the umbrellas and decide to enjoy our time by the pool today. The sound of the waterfall coming off the spa provides the perfect, serene background as we chat.

If we were having coffee I would tell you all about the beautiful wedding we attended in Malibu last weekend. My amazing and talented friend, Alissa from The Printed Palette married her soul mate and invited us to celebrate with her. They had a ferris wheel, corn hole, cotton candy a photo booth and every detail done to perfection. Speaking of a photo booth, every time we turned around our kiddos were convincing guests to help them get a chair so they could play in the photo booth. family photo by AcquaphotoScreen Shot 2015-04-30 at 11.45.06 AM

IMG_8126IMG_8105 IMG_7989

We enjoyed an all to brief stay at the Four Seasons in West Lake and they pretty much won our kids over with the robes labeled with their names on them and a tray of cookies and chocolate.

I would tell you that I finally got my greys covered and had to document it with a selfie because, if I don’t it didn’t happen right? We laugh together at how hilarious it is that social media has taken over in such a way that we feel the need to document the best parts of our daily lives and how we have hit this point in our lives where it’s not truly “official” until it’s been posted online. As much as I laugh as we talk about this, the reality strikes a cord. How often do we get wrapped up in those likes and comments and allow them to dictate how we feel about ourselves?


I had coffee + donuts after workout with my girlfriends. My girlfriends who could give a shit that I’m a blogger or CEO of a company and I can’t tell you how much I love that. While I’m so thankful for all that the blogging world has given me and the amazing people I’ve met, sometimes it’s nice to commune with people who don’t care what’s happening online. Do you have friends like that too? Tell me about them….


If we were having coffee I would feel like a jerk of a friend if I didn’t tell you about this amazing new app that I learned about…. Postmates. It’s like Uber, but instead of hitching a ride somewhere, you can ask someone to pick up food from your favorite restaurant, for you, and deliver it to your home. Say what?! #mindblown I tried it out by ordering Chipotle and 45 minutes later I was met with a knock on my door that dinner was ready. I spent that time snuggling my kids on the couch. It’s priceless and worth the small delivery fee. In fact, here’s a code that will get you $10 off your first delivery wx4vg. You’re welcome!


While I would love to say my obsession with rompers ended last year, the addiction is real and it hasn’t gone away. Thanks Madewell for providing a temporary bandaid to this addiction.


And hey, it’s Friday, let’s celebrate with a  bottle of wine! Oh wait, let’s finish our coffee and donuts first.

If we were having coffee, what would you tell me? Have a great weekend friends!

xo, Alissa