Let’s Get Organized, Organized! {A guest post}

Hi Friends!! Everyone meet Kristina from Sew Curly, Kristina meet all my amazing readers! I’m so excited to have Sew Curly here sharing with us today. This weekend my little brother (Aww!) is getting married and I’m going to be a busy big sister getting ready for the wedding so I’ve lined up a few guest bloggers to keep you company while you’re gone. I hope you’ll check out Kristina’s blog and shop and while you’re there become a follower and buy something from her adorable shop.
See you soon!

Hi everyone! First, I want to thank Alissa for allowing me to be her guest poster today. I love reading her blog and seeing what she’s created. My name is Kristina and I have a blog & shop called Sew Curly. I like to create things that make a mom’s life easier and are friendly to the environment. This is party of a series I’ve been working on called the: Beginner Sewing Series. I hope you’ll check it out.

Today I want to talk about how I organize my sewing patterns. Until recently, I kept all my sewing patterns in a big pile. I had put them in a folder I was planning on using to collect the girls’ spring artwork. It was all just kind of shoved in there and messy, which made it hard to find anything.

As I was looking for a pattern the other day I realized I needed a new system. I did a lot of thinking and what made the most sense to me was to file them away in the same way I used to file away my learning centers when I was teaching. So off to Target I went and I bought 2 packs of 10 x 13 envelopes.

Now, I never really liked to work with patterns. I used to find them difficult to follow, but as I sew more and more, I find myself using them more. I think I am getting better at reading and using them. Don’t get me wrong, I still prefer designing my own, but there are a lot of really great patterns out there and using them can save me time.

Here is a list of the materials I needed to organize my patterns:

I bought the little star stickers at Target and I LOVE the push button Sharpie markers.  These are fine point ones, which are my favorite kind.  I grabbed an index card and made a short list of how I’d like to separate my patterns.  After I took this picture, I realized I needed a section for bottoms (shorts & skirts) so I added a “/bottoms” next to pants.
This is a sample of what one of my typical patterns like look:

On the top, left hand side of the pattern, I write the brand name of the pattern, the pattern number, and the size of the pattern I have traced. This way I can always guarantee I have the right pieces for the item I am working on.

I fold the larger pieces up so they are able to fit into the large envelope and stack them onto each other.

On the outside of the envelope I write basically the same thing as I write on the pattern: The brand name of the pattern company, the pattern number, a brief description of the pattern, which view of the item I am making, and the size (which I hadn’t listed here yet).

Because I want to keep the original pattern in the original packaging, I make a copy of the front of the pattern and tape it onto the envelope. I use packing tape and tape every edge of the paper. This way it doesn’t get caught on something and rip off.

So far, I keep all my patterns in a large basket.  They are kept in order according to the color star (which is the category).  Since I use most of my patterns in 3 different sizes (for each of my 3 girls), I have a lot of them.  I am thinking I may need to move to a filing cabinet soon.  
This is the most convenient way I’ve found to organize my patterns.  I am able to keep the original patterns in tact, and still keep a copy of each of my patterns.