My Latest Addiction: Lash Extensions

Magnolia Salon

Let’s talk about your lash game ladies! Why?! Because I’m seriously obsessed and I’m convinced all my ladies need some lash extensions. While I will admit I’m a little late jumping on the train, it’s not for a lack of desire to try out lash extensions, but more finding the right person to do them. I’ve spoken to many friends who have had their lashes done, and don’t get me wrong, all my friends are beautiful, my initial personal hesitation came from feeling like I wanted lashes that gave me the length, but still looked natural.

SalonLash Extensions before

When my girlfriend Kristine introduced me to Carly, who has been doing her lashes for a while now, I was thrilled!! I loved that Kristine’s lashes were beautiful and dramatic, but also looked so natural on her. I was also drawn to Carly’s years of experience and that she had her own space and had built her own business. Being a female entrepreneur myself, I love being able to support other women who are working hard (and kicking butt) to run successful businesses.

Lash ExtensionsUntitled-5lash extensions 3

If you’ve been debating getting lash extensions, let me tell you all the reasons you need to go see Carly:

1. You will love how tranquil and relaxing the experience is. We’re hard-working women + mama’s! Who doesn’t love a reason to lay down, relax, close your eyes and let the cares of the world melt away for an hour an a half?!

2. With over 4 years of experience in the space, Carly knows each person comes in with unique lashes and therefore customizes the lash extensions she uses based on what will look both beautiful and natural.

3. You’re not buying a kit, each lash is custom fit, both length and thickness, based on what works best for your face.

4. She’s not part of a chain or lash location, you’ll always get her personal touch with every appointment.

5. She’s fun and awesome and you’ll feel like you’re long lost friends! Which is my favorite part!

Lashes AfterLashes

I mean, y’all look at how amazing they turned out!!

Be sure to follow Carly on Instagram and email me if you’d like her information to spoil yourself with a beautiful set of lashes.

xo, Alissa

Update: 8/22 – I’m about to head in to get my first fill after having my lashes done 3 weeks ago and they still look incredible! Be sure to follow on IG Stories and Snapchat for before and after peeks from my lash fill this week.