Mexico…. Oh Mexico…

Where do I even begin? To say that we loved our time in Mexico would be an understatement. The more we travel with our children, the more I love seeing the world through their eyes. Watching them stretch their minds and expand their horizons, try new things that they’ve never done before makes my heart fuller than I could’ve imagined. Sitting nestled in the heart of Jalisco Costalegre is acres of lush greenery and miles of private beach known as Las Rosadas. Over 420 acres of beachfront property for sale to be developed into luxury beach front villas.

It’s hard to believe it’s been a couple weeks since we returned from our trip in our little slice of heaven in Mexico. While Kyle and I have separately traveled to Cabo in the past, this was the first time our family had vacationed there together. We have so many friends who love Mexico and I loved experiencing all that Mexico has to offer first hand. And, it’s so easy to get there from the OC.

After 8 days soaking up the sun and the waves, yes waves, both our kids ventured into the ocean and learned how to navigate the waves. I know we live in California and it seems silly that they don’t already know how to do this, but honestly the ocean can be intimidating and our water is cold so it hasn’t been of interest to them. A taste was all it took for them to look forward to spending the entire day at the beach each day we were at Las Rosadas. You wouldn’t hear me complain, after all with the staff, chef and butler, I enjoyed many a delicious blended margarita on the sand.

The staff was truly incredible and I asked, more than once if I could take Gloria home with me to teach me how to cook all the delicious meals she served. Our days were spent swinging in hammocks, enjoying beachfront meals (that we didn’t have to cook, a girl could get used to that!) and listening to our children squeal with laughter.

Katelyn even had the chance to ride a horse on the beach…..

Kyle spent a lot of time around horses growing up. It was really special that they got to enjoy their beachfront ride together.

If you’re considering a trip to Mexico, here are some tips we learned being first time family travelers there.

  • Make sure you give yourself time to get your passport in order.  If you don’t have one, even a rush delivery can take 2-3 weeks. This can be done through your local Post Office. Be sure to research, because not all Post Offices have the right paperwork to expedite.
  • Pack light. This is not the trip you take a suitcase for everything. Based on where you’re staying and the weather, plan accordingly. You want to make sure you can hold all your bags close as you travel so don’t bring too many.
  • Pack bug spray (haha) Mexico doesn’t always have mosquito issues, but they do appear after the first rains of summer. Be sure to be prepared. Have “Off,” After Bite Spray and we recommend Benadryl spray or cream in case. We got a few bites, but honestly, it didn’t slow us down one bit!
  • Sunscreen – pack lots of it!
  • Be ready to relax! I know it can be hard, even on vacation to relax, but I promise you, it’s worth it. Mexico is such a beautiful country, with so many beautiful ocean front cities, you won’t want to miss.

photos by + Doug McLaughlin

Mexico, we miss you, we hope to come back an  visit soon.

xo, Alissa