It’s only the beginning

Well, here’s picture number one and I’m already showing a little. I am 13 weeks along and officially over the first trimester hump as they call it. It feels so good to have my taste buds back. While I didn’t deal with any extreme sickness or nausea, for a while there I was only eating Mac and Cheese, Pasta, Rice and grilled cheese. I think Kyle’s glad I’m feeling more myself because he’s actually getting good home cooked meals again. I’m pretty sure he was going to rebel against another Mac and Cheese dinner. I feel blessed to feel as great as I do and overall, had a mild first trimester. Kyle and I had a doctor’s appointment last Wednesday and we got to hear the babies heart beat. It felt like I had been waiting for so long for that moment and it was over far too quickly. The doctor says the babies heart beat sounds great and I’m healthy, so we were thankful for the good report. January 17 is our next appointment and we get to find out the sex of the baby. We can’t wait!!