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Instagram has quickly become my favorite social media platform. I love being able to see glimpses into peoples lives, travels, passions. It keeps me inspired and always looking for the beauty in everything. After all, what is life without beauty? I’ve found myself lost in peoples feeds, which lead to other feeds and before I know it, more time has lapsed that I care to admit out loud. Do you ever get lost in the beauty of people’s lives? I thought I would share a small glimpse into some of my favorite Instagram feeds.

Ginny Chase: Mom to two littles with more style that I could possess in one finger, I love seeing Ginny’s love for her children through her feed. You can see how she truly dotes on her little ones and their love and zest for life.

Ginny Chase Instagram

Christiane Lemieux: Founder of DwellStudio, now Creative Director at Wayfair, Christiane travels often for her job and I’m not going to lie when I say I lust a little after all the beautiful countries she gets to visit. Since I spent 13 years of my life living in Southeast Asia, there are many moments that she shares that takes me back to memories of time spent with family and friends in that part of the world. If you have a zeal for travel, you’ll want to follow along.

Christiane Lemieux Instagram

Studio DIY: Kelly has a feed filled with nothing short of happiness. Bright colors and creative overload is what you’ll be met with if you follow Studio DIY. I love all her fun projects and her serious love of donuts. I think she and I would get along perfectly in real life, after all I also share a weakness for donuts and sweets.

Studio DIY Instagarm

Sean Woolsey: It’s always fun when some of your favorite instagrammers are also your friends. Sean was my husbands best man in our wedding and his feed leaves me wishing I knew how to repurpose wood into beautiful pieces of furniture and wall art installations. Sean and his wife Sarah travel often and I love seeing the beauty of the world through their eyes. Right now their in Japan, how amazing is that?!

Sean Woolsey Instagram

Joy the Baker: It’s no secret that I have a deep love for cooking and baking. Joy’s feed is filled with mouth watering photos of food and the beauty of cooking. If I could reach through the screen and take a bite, I would without hesitation. Joy also has written a couple cookbooks that I recommend you check out as well.

Joy the Baker Instagram

Tifforelie: I recently discovered Tiffany’s feed. Remember when I told you earlier how I get lost in one feed to the next? Well that’s how I found and fell in love with her feed. From food, festivities, travel and fashion, this feed has a little snapshot of all of my favorite things.

Tifforelie Instagram

I’d love to hear who some of your favorite Instagrammers are and why you love them.

xo, Alissa

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