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Ladies… and gents, because I know there are some of you out there reading my blog. Happy Leap Year Day!! Can you believe we’re already in the LAST day of February? Me neither!

I promise I won’t keep you long, but I just wanted to share a couple of things and then I’ll be on my merry way. First, while the Beautycounter website was down, it’s now live again! YAY! Let all shopping resume.

Now to the more important an exciting stuff. This is just a quick reminder that we’re in the final hours to take advantage of the Free products Beautycounter is offering. Here’s the deal, because it’s a good one….

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Ok…. if you spend $150 you get our Rejuvenating Eye Cream & Lip Conditioner FREE. This means that if you spend $150, you get $78 in free products. Now you can look at your husband and just tell him you saved him some money! $78 to be exact!!

BUT…. if you add the Band of Beauty Membership to your order for an additional $29, today is the last day you’ll receive the Soothing Oil (retail $68) as your Free gift. See more FREE stuff! I feel like Oprah today! This means that if you spend $179, you’ll get $146 in Free products. Say what?!! That’s like a BOGO event! Not to mention the Band of Beauty Membership will give you free shipping on orders over $100, so you won’t pay shipping on today’s order AND you’ll get 15% product credit ($22.40+) towards your next purchase AND there’s no subscription requirements.

Holy Moly y’all, how can you even say no to me right now?!! Can you count how many times I used the word Free in my blog post today? Because Free is totally Awesome!!

If you’ve never heard of Beautycounter, you must check them out! They’re committed to better skin care and beauty products, refusing to use over 1,300 ingredients in their products that they know aren’t good for your skin. I’ve been an advocate for their products for over a year now and it’s made a huge difference in how my skin looks and feels.

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make up pouch c/o Lily Jade Bags

Now, don’t just keep these great deals to yourself, share them with your friends. After all, best friends don’t keep these kinds of secrets from one another. Be sure to tag me at Diary of an Addict Blog (on fb) or @alissamcircle (Instagram) so I can answer any questions your friends have and use the hashtag #beautycounterbyAlissaCircle, I’ll check that too. Don’t forget this offer expires tonight, 2/29 at 11:59pm PST so don’t delay.

Ok, that’s enough out of me! Happy Shopping!

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