I haven’t fallen off the wagon


It’s been a while since I’ve shared an update from my fitness journey. I’m proud to report I have not fallen off the wagon. I’ve been tempted a time or two when I’ve eased into summer slash vacation mode, but then I remind myself how damn painful it is to hop back on the wagon and so I roll my lazy ass out of bed and go. This summer I also invested in some new workout “gear” as I shall now call it, which actually helps to motivate me to work out harder. It’s always more fun to watch your muscles flex and strain while you work out when you love what you’re working out in! No? Just me! Ok, guilty party of one and loving it.

In fact I’m loving my new work out gear so much that I’ve developed more of a relaxed sporty style this summer too. Athleta has been my go to for great pieces that are so soft you want to sleep in them, allow you to chase your littles around and still look good. Some of you may have seen this dress I posted, or this one I more recently posted. Both Athleta! How could you not want to rock those pieces?!


Here’s the real deal on why I haven’t posted in a while. I switched bootcamps, or workout places, of whatever we should call them. I was going to an awesome bootcamp, still is an awesome bootcamp, but recently switched to a place called The 12 Movement, which is like my bootcamp on steroids, I feel, but is more focused on circuit training and the AfterBurn. Trust me when I tell you that even as I type this I’m feeling Monday’s arm day and Tuesday’s leg day afterburn. It’s a good feeling though, a great remainder that I pushed hard during the workout.

The biggest reason for the change was because Kyle heard about The 12 from some friends he has in a business group he’s a part of and decided he wanted to try it out. He loved it and wanted to keep going! It was a no brainer for me. My husband wants to work out, I go where he goes. And I’ve truly loved being there as well. It was founded by believers and many of the trainers are believers as well, which is so awesome and they truly love people and fitness and nutrition! If you’re local to Irvine, come check it out, we are usually at the 8:45am class M-F. Your first 3 classes within a 7 day period are FREE! Come on now, it’s a no brainer! Oh and if you’re visiting So Cal and want to come work out with me while you’re in town, hit me up and we’ll go.


I’ll have to admit the hardest part of this journey is figuring out what to eat. At first eating 5 small meals a day seemed like a daunting task and one that would cause me to put on the pounds rather than drop them, but I’m learning that with all the calories I’m burning there are certain foods that my body needs each day to sustain itself. My goal this coming month is to eat 1/4 cup of steel cut oats with some blueberries before workout and then eat a veggie egg scramble when I’m done and then really focus on making sure I’m eating 5 small meals a day to sustain my energy. I love to eat, but I’m so bad about doing it during the week when I get busy at work. I really need to be better, do better!


 | Athleta: Top // City Jogger Pant // Free To Breathe Sports Bra |

Since it’s been a LONG while since I’ve shared some updates with you about my measurement, I thought I would share some details with you. After starting at The 12 I began measuring by body fat % each week on top of measuring in every month. My goal before december is to fall between 20-24% which is considered a normal body fat % for someone my age and height. The first time I tested I was at 27.9 (eek!) This shows that you can be “slim” and still have fat on you that shouldn’t be there. Since we vacationed quite a bit this summer, it fluctuated a lot and at one point I was up to 29%!! (double eek!!) After buckling down the last couple weeks and really pushing hard on my workouts and eating better, this week I was at 27% (oh yeah!) I finally hit a place where my weight and my body fat% is lower than it was when we started at The 12.

My Goals: Drop 8lbs (this would put me around 129-130lbs) and drop below 24% body fat. Then in January when The 12 does their next 12 week Challenge, I’m hoping to participate and make some new goals.

This is a serious life change folks. With heart disease, obesity and cancer rates at an all time high, I can’t afford not to do this, for myself, for my future and as an example to my children. If you’re struggling to get off the couch, find a friend who lives near you and go together. Be accountable to one another, push each other – really push each other to be better!

workout collage

Let’s be better together friends!!

xo, Alissa