I always say Yes to my kids

Kraft-Heinz sponsored this post, but the opinion are my own. #WalmartCapriSun #yessie


Over the last year we’ve done a major overhaul in our home. From making it a point to live an active lifestyle, going to the gym or playing sports, to what and how we’re eating. We’ve really tried to move towards a cleaner lifestyle, not only for the long term health of my husband and I, but also model by example to our children how important it is to be aware of how we’re treating our bodies. The better we take care of ourselves now, the healthier we’ll be in the long run.


When it comes to snacking and drinking juice in our home, I’ve always been very selective on what I will and won’t purchase. I often times find myself saying No quite a bit because I don’t want our kids picking up unhealthy eating habits or drinking juice that contains high amounts of sugar and other processed junk in them. Then recently while shopping at Walmart for lunch box snacks for school we ended up wandering down the beverage aisle.

This is my least favorite activity with my kids because I become the worst version of myself saying no to snack after snack, juice box after juice box. They’re whining, I’m whining and wishing for a glass of wine to make the shopping trip more tolerable. Its clearly self-inflicted torture under the guise of trying to help them learn how to eat well, but you should all still feel sorry for me.


So down the drink aisle we go and immediately, the pleading began for juice boxes for school lunches. Just as I was about to plug my fingers in my ears and say la lalala lalala, I stopped myself and took a second glance at the box. Staring back at me was Capri Sun Fruit Punch with less sugar, no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors or preservatives. Ok, now this I can work with. I give them my best serious frown, which earns me a dejected look when my frown turns upside down and say ‘Yes.’ They turn to put the juice back on the shelf when they realize I’ve given them the green light and suddenly the happy dance starts, which had me laughing out loud in the middle of the Walmart aisle.


Since we were hopping on the bandwagon of yes, the kids decided to ask if we could take our juice pouches down to Balboa Island to their favorite book store, owned by two teachers who retired from their school and I found myself saying Yes again! I must’ve been out of my mind, or maybe I’m happy because my kids are happy and I’m happy because I can say Yes and feel good about my decision. Off to Balboa Island we went, singing at the top of our lungs. We visited the bookstore, added some new books to our collection, took some #Yessie’s and even stopped for chocolate covered frozen bananas… before dinner. What’s a #yessie you might ask? Well a #yessie is a selfie we take when we’re celebrating saying Yes instead of saying no.


At this point I have no idea who I’ve become. Well that’s not true, I just became their favorite parent, the one they want to be like when they grow up. I’m teaching them how to care for their minds and body all while letting them think that they’ve finally worn me down. That my friends we call, #winning


Walmart makes it easy to say Yes to great products like Capri Sun Fruit Punch with less sugar, no high fructose corn syrup or no artificial flavors or preservatives. How are you saying yes when it comes to your kid’s lunch box snacks?

xo, Alissa