Give the Gift of Sight with Jonas Paul Eyewear

It was a warm day in September and I was sitting in the carpool line, waiting for the kids to get out of school. Katie had been complaining about having headaches at school, but we had sent her that day because she had beginning of the year testing. I had been praying that she wouldn’t get sick in the first month of school and had sent her off with ibuprofen and some Stress Away oils, thinking that maybe the test jitters had gotten to her. Although she’s usually a great test taker.

Tears were the first thing I saw when she got in the car, and what followed were the test scores that she received, which was far below how she had finished her fourth grade year. It hit me, in that moment, that maybe she wasn’t getting sick at all, but needed her eyes checked. Fifth grade was around the time that I had gotten my eyes checked and began wearing glasses, but I had somehow missed the signs with Katie.

Straight to my optometrist we went. Thankfully, he made room to see her same day. The results: Katie needed readers with a small +1.25 prescription. My optometrist advised me to run to the dollar store or pharmacy store and pick up a pair of readers. Quick and easy fix, was what he said.

IF only….

While readers are common at many big box stores and pharmacy stores, finding a pair that fit your eleven year old daughters face, and look cute, because we are in fifth grade after all, was slim pickings. We ended up going to 4 stores, finding one pair she tolerated and, of course, they only had one pair in stock. Hallelujah, problem solved temporarily. This was not going to be a good long term solution because the readers were too big for her face.

Years ago I remembered working with an amazing company, Jonas Paul Eyewear. Started by a husband and wife, they created a line of eyewear for kids that had both style and function! With a give back model that focuses on helping people all over the world get the eye care they need, but can’t afford, buying a pair Jonas Paul Eyewear glasses not only benefits your child, but someone else’s as well.

With styles that can fit both small children up to teens, I knew this was the perfect solution to Katie’s need for readers. Did you know that fluorescent lighting bouncing off of white boards and use of technology can contribute to kids as young as 10 needing readers? I honestly had no idea either! Jonas Paul Eyewear has at home try on kits that allow you to try different styles and colors on your child, elevating the need to hours at your optometrist. The other plus? They so stylish and very affordable.

With this in mind, not only did we want readers for Katie for home and school, but blue blockers for Brayden in hopes of helping to prevent him needing readers as well.


How do you place your order? Visit the Jonas Paul Eyewear website and click “Try-on Kits.” From there, select the kit that best represents your child and order. It usually takes a few business days to get your kit.

Here’s how the kits arrive. Each box has seven a pairs of glasses, a guide book to help you navigate all the colors each style comes in and an ordering form for once you’ve made your selection. You simply send it back with their prescription and they will ship out your child’s new pair of glasses. Makes life so much easier for you and your little one.

Here are three of Katie’s favorites! I think the hardest part of the whole process is deciding which ones to order. Which one is your favorite on Katie? Pair 1: The Maddie in Grapefruit, Pair 2: The Elsie in Blush Tortoise, or Pair 3: The Paige in Clear?

How about Brayden? Pair 1 is the Jonas in Clear, Pair 2 is the Ryan in Graphite and pair 3 is the Miles in Striped Pacific.

Be a part of impacting your children’s lives by getting their eyes checked every 6 months to a year to make sure they don’t need glasses and order from Jonas Paul Eyewear to be a part of impacting others in the world. Jonas Paul has helped over 200,000 people worldwide to date to help restore people’s eyesight.

Right now for Cyber Monday they’re having a site wide 25% off sale. If your child needs glasses, this is the perfect opportunity to order them a pair or two from Jonas Paul Eyewear.

Make your impact count friends!

xo, Alissa


** We are working in collaboration with Jonas Paul Eyewear, they’re gifting Katie and Brayden with new eyewear, but we love this company and their mission.