Get focused in 2015 with Jonas Paul Eyewear

If you’re an avid follower of my Instagram account, it’s no secret that my kids, more specifically my little man, are avid fashion enthusiasts. Brayden has even taken to asking to shop for both him and his sister, so she owes much of her style these days, outside of her school uniform to him. Being the ever mini hipster he is, his obsessions far surpass clothes as his true loves are shoes and glasses. The kid has 5 pairs of sunglasses he alternates between!

When I discovered Jonas Paul Eyewear it was a no brainer! Then I learned about the story behind their company (please watch this beautiful video) and I knew that this was a company that was worth sharing about. As you know Kyle and I are a husband/wife entrepreneur team so while the connection began there, it only increased hearing the story behind the birth of their son Jonas Paul and how he inspired the birth of their company. The best part? Their service is easy and their choices offer an option for all face shapes and both younger children and older children. Here’s how the process works:

1.) You go online and order Free Home Try on Kit of either Optical or Sunglasses
2.) When they arrive, take a couple days to have your child try on all the options
3.) Package back up the Kit, attach the return shipping label provided and send them back
4.) Go online and select which pair you want to order and enter prescription (if needed)
5.) Within 2 weeks your little ones new glasses will arrive

Katelyn & brayden GlassesJonas Paul glassesKatelyn Sunglasses CollageBrayden Sunglasses CollageBrayden GlassesKatelyn Glasses CollageBrayden Glasses Collagefun with Jonas Paul

| Optical Glasses c/o Jonas Paul Eyewear |

When we initially partnered with Jonas Paul, I thought my littles would fall in love with the sunglass frames, but after trying on the optical options, they both fell in love with reading glasses. Katelyn selected the Paige frames in Tortoise and Brayden chose the Albert frames in black.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Jonas Paul Eyewear, it’s a must! It’s a perfect solution for your little ones who need prescription lenses, or who, like my little ones, are developing a love for the fashion world.

Oh and as a fun side note, my kids are reading more since they got their glasses because they say that the glasses make them super readers, so if that’s not a good reason to order a pair for your little ones, I don’t know what is!

xo, Alissa

This post was sponsored by Jonas Paul Eyewear, but you know that I only speak about products and services that I love and believe in and know that you all will love to.