Fun Filled Weekend!!

My weekend began on a wonderful note – I was graduating with my Master’s of Arts in Education!!! Friday sailed by quickly as I tried not to bust at the seems with excitement. The day only got better. As I was standing by the lunch tables on duty, I see our Jetta drive through the parking lot. Slightly confused I looked in the drivers seat to see Kyle and the passenger seat to see my MOM!!! I had to double take because my mom is, from what I thought, in Boston, not in California. I ran to the parking lot and sure enough my mom was getting out of the car and walking my direction. I couldn’t believe it!! What an awesome surprise!! Apparently, she and Kyle had been planning this for months and I had no idea. For those who know me well, this is not an easy feat. I felt like the weekend festivities could finally begin. Mom wasn’t sure she would be able to make the trip out and we’re leaving for Boston next Friday for Christmas, so I had planned on taping graduation for her. Up until that Friday I hadn’t really spoken about graduation because I didn’t want her to feel bad that she could be there, or even that my dad couldn’t be there. I knew that if they couldn’t make it, they would be with me in my heart. They have sacrificed a lot of sweat, tears and finances in order to help me reach this goal. I’m sure if you ask my mom and dad they would tell you how big of an achievement this is for me since I was never into the “educational” aspect of school, but more the social. This weekend is definitely dedicated to all of my family and Kyle’s family who have encouraged me along the way!!

Saturday morning we got up, made pancakes for breakfast (yummy!), got ready and headed up to Azusa for graduation. As soon as I got there my nerves and excitement really kicked in. I couldn’t believe this day had finally arrived. Graduation came and went far to quickly, and soon we were on our way to dinner. It was so wonderful to have the whole family at graduation and at dinner. Kyle’s Nana and Papa, Papa and Grandma, Mom, Dad and sister Leah, my Mom, and Kyle were all there to cheer me on. We had a wonderful dinner celebration and when we got up to leave 3 hours later we were all stuffed to the brim with good food. Here are some pictures from graduation.

Mom, Kyle and I after graduation

Mom and I

Kyle and I

Kyle and I with his Mom and Dad

The grandparents and I