Four knots and a prayer


Yesterday I posted my littles back to school picture on Instagram in their red shoes, worn in remembrance of Ryan this week. Tuesday marked the 4 month anniversary of his death and tomorrow is his 4th birthday. If there’s any week that’s been tough for Dan and Jacqui, it’s this one. Many of you asked me if there was something we could do to gather around them this week and remind them that we’re loving on them and praying for them.

My girl Erin and I put our heads together and thought this bracelet, might look simple to make could stand strong for them and send them strength. The bracelet has 4 knots in it. One to represent prayers for Jacqui, one for Dan, one for their family and the fourth knot that ties the bracelet to your wrist represents a community coming together for them around Ryan’s 4th birthday. As you can see below they are really easy and quick to make, we made several of them last night for our families.

IMG_7591knot 1 a prayer for jacquiknot 2 a prayer for Danknot 3 prayer for familyKnot 4 - community

If you do take a moment and make a bracelet or wear red tomorrow, even through the weekend be sure to share a photo with Jacqui and Dan so they know you’re lifting them up. They can be found on Instagram at @babyboybakery and @danno12.

Thank you for being such an incredible community! My heart is bursting at the seems knowing that we’re coming together to provide strength to our friends who need it.

xo, Alissa