FacialWorks: 45 Minute Facial that will change your life


Lately with the change in the weather and moving into the heat of the summer, I can already feel my skin drying out. Having always struggled with needing to not spend too much time in the sun because I burn easily, I also struggle with dry skin in certain areas on my face. While I’ve found some products that have helped that problem quite a bit, I’ve had friends lately recommend getting a good facial once a month to help combat the dryness. While that idea has always sounded wonderful, I’m very bad about taking time for myself and spending 90 minutes getting a facial is equivalent to 90 minutes of not working. Our kids are in school from 8am – 2:30pm, but I consider this my most precious time to jam in all the things I need to get done. From working out to client calls and meetings to grocery shopping and Target, those all happen during those hours so that I can be more present for our kids after school.


Then a couple of months ago I was talking with a girlfriend of mine who mentioned she had recently visited FacialWorks, a local facial bar where you could get an amazing facial in 45 minutes for $50! She said she left there glowing and swore off make up for days afterwards. I have to admit I was more than intrigued. Short, sweet and feeling good after is something I definitely needed to fit into my schedule. With a fun menu of facial options, I roped Kyle into spending the morning with me getting facials and then having a work lunch date afterwards. I figured this would be a fun way for us both to get pampered and spend some time together. Yes, we work together, but we don’t always talk a lot during the day.


I opted for the AgeWorks facial and it did not disappoint! The Esthetician was friendly, inviting and did a great job of explaining all the products she was using on my face. All of the products they use at FacialWorks are sulfate free, paraben free and are as naturally healthy for your skin. *Side Note: I have sensitive skin and my face didn’t break out at all after my facial! Bonus!! Kyle got a HydraWorks facial and he said he felt his face had the facial glow when he was all done! I’m 100% positive this is going to be my new go to for gifts for friends and family after the amazing experience we had.


Here’s a little more about the founder, Meghan Gilboa:

Meghan is the founder and skincare guru at Facialworks. Skincare has always been her passion. Her journey to opening the first Facialworks location in Newport Beach, California began back in 2009 with a skincare blog. Meghan’s blog covered all things skincare including products, beauty and the spa industry. She continued with this for several years while she worked as an Esthetician for plastic surgeons in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. Her love of skincare brought her to Newport Beach in 2011, where she opened her first skincare studio, Skintologist. During this time Meghan listened and learned from her clients and started to see an absence in the skincare industry. She felt skincare was lacking a fun and social aspect so she decided to start Facialworks. Fun, quick, and affordable oxygen facials, this facial bar experience can be enjoyed by everyone!

If you’re local to Orange County, FacialWorks is definitely on my list of Local Nods and a place I highly recommend visiting. Thank you to their team for having Kyle and I in for a day of pampering, we can’t wait to come back and visit soon!



** Our facials were received complimentary at FacialWorks, but I truly loved my experience and feel it’s definitely worth the great price to visit there on a regular basis.