Currently I’m….


Y’all!! I’m daysssss into the New Year and I’m faithfully keeping up with my calendar. Can I get a what, what?! Maybe a shot of tequila? Just kidding, it’s not even noon yet. But seriously, I debated on planners for months last year, then found this one at Target (I mean, that’s where I should’ve started) when Maay Designs launched a slew of paper products on the end cap next to the Magnolia Home section. Now if that’s not fate, I’m not sure what is. And it was $10!

Currently I’m…

Making // a colon hydrotherapy spa appointment. I think they just add “spa” in there to make you feel like you’re about to experience something relaxing, except I’m not sure there’s anything relaxing about it. The appointments are the week of Valentine’s Day. I can’t wait to tell Kyle that’s how we’re celebrating the holiday of love together.

Listening to // Nighly. On repeat since the night we saw them play at the Observatory. Also the same night our car was towed while at the show, but that’s a story for another day. Also, JT’s Filthy because what can I say, I’m a dirty girl, which makes me think a soak in the tub with some bubble bath and wine sounds good. I digress…

Wishing // I was playing in the 2 inches of snow we got in Franklin, TN, except that I don’t like layers or being cold, so I’m not sure how all that pans out. Maybe I could just pretend I’m out there playing and just watch it fall through the window while I stay safely tucked under a big warm blanket in front of a fire?

Drinking // Coffee, always coffee. And sometimes Blood Orange Pellegrino, you know, when I’m feeling all fancy.

Shopping for // these. Maybe if I buy them I’ll be motivated to put them to good use. I mean, doesn’t new stuff make you want to get dressed in the morning and do all the things?

Ignoring // my kids. Whoops, did I say that out loud?

Excited for // Brunch with a friend and colleague. I love eating and chatting about life and business – I always come away feeling so inspired and full of new ideas.


Grateful for // this skin care line. Without it, I would need botox. Well, let’s face it, I probably still need botox, but using this skin care line keeps me from thinking otherwise… for now!

Thankful for // my lash extensions. They at least make me feel a little put together when I wake up and walk out the door to take the kids to school and I’ve forgotten to brush my hair and put on a bra.

Getting sidetracked by // Instagram. I wish I could hit it and quit it, but I’m a glutton for punishment so I spend hours scrolling through photos of beautiful people who got dressed this morning as I sit here in my fuzzy slippers, no bra and I still haven’t brushed my hair. It’s too bad Erica can’t help me pull it together everyday.

Over // the Bachelor. It saddens me to say it, but Arie? Seriously?! I will be watching the Bachelor Winter Games. What can I say? A little drama never hurt anyone.

Dreaming about // homemade bread. Dough, will you just rise already?!


Saying thank you to // my kids for cleaning their rooms without asking. Oh wait that didn’t happen. I did ask, they griped, but cleaned them anyways.

Leaving this post because // The kids won’t stop telling me their hungry and I guess I should cook them dinner.

xo, Alissa