Criss-Cross Twisted half up

Why hello there!

It’s Natalia from Ma Nouvelle Mode and I’m back again with another hairstyle for you. It’s super easy, because I like easy, and practical because, well, I like practical! I’m a momma of two crazy boys and I need more easy and practical in my life.

Let’s get started!

cross over half up

I have this parted down the middle because that’s how my hair was that day, but you can definitely part it however feels comfortable. You could even add a little pompador at the front if you want your bangs out of your face. I usually do, this was a rare occasion!

twisted half up style

You can probably see from the photo above, but it’s a basic twist and pin half up. Kate Middleton wears her hair like this often. I’m sure she uses my tutorials as well. 🙂

twisted half up

  1. Start with your hair teased from the crown to where you want the half up to sit.
  2. Then from the crown back, take a mini pompador and secure with pins in the pack. You can twist and pin or just pin straight across, whatever’s easiest.
  3. Start on one side and bring a chunk of hair back, twist it all the way across and pin on the other side.
  4. Repeat with the other side, twisting all the way across the other twist.
  5. Continue twisting until you’ve reached the look you want. Have fun with it and make it work for what you feel comfortable with!

That’s it! See, I said it was easy! My hair is kind of curled in this tutorial, but you can definitely do this on straight hair as well. If you have trouble getting the pins to stay, you can use a spray and play like this one. It’s basically a hair spray you can work with. It’ gives your hair texture so you can make it do what you want and have it stay.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and are able to give it a shot! Thanks for reading!

Any beauty tutorials you’d like to see done here? I love suggestions!

xo, Natalia