Come to Bash Conference with me


Hey friends! Guess what? I’m headed to Arizona in January because I’m speaking at Bash Conference 2016 and you should come too.

{image credit: Miranda North Photography}

This past January I remember seeing many of my friends posting about a conference they were attending as I scrolled through my Instagram feed. It turns out that last year was the first year that Bash Conference hosted an annual conference in Arizona + the response was so incredible, they’re hosting it again this year. After talking to several friends who were there last year, I’m really excited to be joining in on all the fun this year! I’m going to be speaking on a panel with Sharon, a blogger at Cupcakes and Cutlery. We met a couple years ago and she is a wealth of knowledge about the blogging space and an awesome person to know! If y’all aren’t friends, you need to be!

Our session is called: “To Infinity and Beyonce: How to refocus your blog business and channel your inner Beyonce to achieve the growth and goals you need to create your empire.” 

The session will include practical tips for figuring out how to grow in to or out of a niche and build a blog that will create revenue and brand opportunities and make your hustle look effortless.

Go buy your ticket… NOW!

If you still need a reason beyond our awesome panel, here are 3 reasons why attending a conference is essential to your blogging career.

1. Building your Tribe: as bloggers we spend all day long hiding behind our computers and our phones. Have we created awesome friends? Absolutely! But we need to put ourselves out there and go and meet the people we’ve been chatting with online. Making memories with your tribe in real life and being able to spend time together and strategize together is essential to your blog growth. It also gives you the chance to meet new people that could turn into some great collaborations.

2. Building Relationships with Brands: conferences provide a great opportunity to meet the brands you love in person. Talking face to face with a brand you love can go a long way in building the bridge to a long term relationship. This allows the brand representative to get to know you beyond the person who sits behind the computer screen.

3. Get Rejuvenated: I find that attending conferences get’s my creative juices flowing. It’s such an incredible feeling being surrounded by so many people who love blogging as much as you do. You know when you’re hanging out with your friends and you mention something about blogging or social media and you can tell they don’t get it? Imagine, at a conference filled with others who love social media and blogging – you never feel that way! Plus there are some incredible speakers who can help give you great tips and tricks in areas you might be struggling in.

In 2016, the ladies at Bash Conference have some awesome speakers lined up – from experts in throwing the perfect party – to becoming a Pinterest Queen – to taking over Periscope, there’s so much you don’t want to miss.

If you want to come join the fun, here’s where you can go buy your ticket. I hope to see you there!

xo, Alissa