Coffee Date

Hello my friends.

Yay! It’s Friday. I’ve really been looking forward to our coffee date this week.

This around here have been pretty uneventful. Just the way I like it.

I have to tell you I finally finished The Hunger Games trilogy. I know, late to the game as usual, but it’s hard to find time to read with two little ones. I didn’t even see Twilight till it was playing on some random, no name station on my television one night.

I read all three books in the last 4 days.

You might hate me for saying this, but I was disappointed with the ending.

I won’t spoil it for the rest of you.

I was just left with a bunch of unanswered questions.

But I will say it felt amazing to read! I only read ONE book in 2011 and now I can say I’ve read THREE in 2012.

I would tell you about how much I miss Christmas only because it leaves my mailbox full off all kinds of goodies, but most importantly cards from friends. Oh I miss getting Christmas cards from friends and family.
And even though it makes me smile every time I look up at my picture wall and see my friends, my family, there’s something depressing about a mailbox filled with only bills come January.
I think I need to write more letters.
Use snail mail more often.
What about you?
Wanna be my pen pal?
I would tell you all about my New Year’s goal: Drink more water.
I’m so guilty of drinking only coffee or milk… or nothing for that matter.
I started cutting back the coffee and replacing it with water just before the new year and so far I’m proud of how well I’m doing.
And can I just tell you how much better I feel?!
I would tell you about how the new Nordstrom look book came today and I’ve fallen in love with this outfit.
I want it!
I’m not sure it wold look good on me, but’s head to toe goodness.
I wonder if I could even get my hair to fall that beautifully.
I might need to fold the page down and leave this out somewhere. hehe
But most of all I would probably blabber on about how much I’m loving all the snuggles I’ve been getting from these two little loves of mine.
How I get emotional just watching my daughter insist on being the one to pray before each meal, anytime someone gets hurt and before she goes to sleep.
And how precious it is to watch as Brayden folds his hands, bows his head and tries with all his might to copy each word the his sister says right after she says it.
I would tell you how my little man has also started saying, “I love you.”
It sounds more like I eeeed you, but I’ll take it. I know what he’s telling me and it makes my heart swell each time I hear it.
It’s crazy how they really do grow up so fast, right before your eyes.
And now more than ever I need to really focus on Simpifying to make sure I don’t miss any of it.
How are you friend? What’s going on in your life?
I can’t wait to hear about all the exciting things you’ve been up too.
If you want to join me for coffee, link up below, I’d love to sit down and chat.
Love you friends!