Coffee Date: Sometimes I…

If you joined me for coffee today, I’d tell you that…


Function better on less sleep…that is until the adrenaline runs out.

Daydream that I’m sitting on a beach somewhere all alone sipping a cocktail.

Can’t relax till I’ve had a glass of cold milk.

Get in my car and sing at the top of my lungs and dance like a crazy person…. it’s even more fun when my kids join in.

Feel so overwhelmed by my love for my kids that I just want to scoop them up and squeeze them so tight and never let go.

Throw leftovers away because no one in my house really likes to eat them.

Break out in song during a conversation with friends… some of you already know this because I’m totally guilty of doing it in my emails too.

Tend to leave organized stacks of papers, crafting supplies and fabric all over my house and tell myself “it’s clean.”

Talk to my husband about my bloggy friends even though he has no idea who some of them are…. you know… because I love y’all so much. In fact the idea for this post was borrowed from this friend of mine.

Worry about Google Friend Connect (GFC) going away because I don’t want to loose touch with you.

But then I am so overtaken by how grateful I am that you all read my blog and even leave me a comment. I love your emails, phone calls, text messages, letters….. I remind myself I don’t need to worry.

You’re gonna keep hanging out with me right? After all we’re all bff’s! At least we are in my book!

Just want to say Thank You… all of you … for being my friend.

Love you all!

If you’re linking up today please make sure to link up your actual blog post, not your blog so I can come join you for coffee too.

Also, go meet some new friends and join them for coffee.

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