Coffee Date: Some days my flaws are bigger than others

Hi friend,

I’m so glad you joined me today. I’m so sorry I’m late.

As I began writing yesterday, life became a distraction.

My kids didn’t want to nap. One was waking up the other. There was whining, crying, begging for snacks involved.

And suddenly I was faced with the decision to put on a movie and continue writing, or close my computer and play with my littles.

So I played!!

If we sat down for coffee today, I would first have to thank you for all your encouraging words last week. I received so much love, encouragement, support and advice last week, I was even able to put some of it into practice this week.

And you know what…..??….. it’s working.

less computer and phone time for mommy during the day. (this one is really hard for me)

more interactive play with the kids.

asking them questions.

punishing both kids when they’re misbehaving….. and so on.

Then on Tuesday, Katelyn came home with a Valentine’s card in her backpack and look at what it says?!!

I think Jesus knew I needed some affirmation that I was doing ok.

That maybe, just maybe, today my flaws weren’t as big as yesterday.

My heart is so full. It’s changed how I look at her too.

See Katelyn has always been on the more mature side. She’s really smart and helpful and sometimes I just assume she should know better and forget that she’s only 3 1/2.

You know what they say about assuming, right?

I would also tell you that I’m launching a BRAND NEW iPad Snuggie design and I can’t wait to share it with you.

It’s going to come in 4 different color options, with 2 accent color options.

I’m SO excited!!! I was going to share it with you today, but I want to wait till they are all sewn up and ready for the shop.

So, if you want to weigh in on the fabric colors, don’t forget to get your vote in.

But… if I were to share it….

Would you be interested in a pre-sale?

I’ll show you the design and the fabric options and you can pre-order the ones you want?

I might be able to be persuade…..

Then I would tell you that I’m really trying hard to take more “me” time.

Not time where I’m alone at nap time, on my computer.

That’s working….

but time where I catch up with friends, paint my nails, shave my legs, go out to dinner with friends, get my hair done.

Those kinds of me things.

What I’m finding is that I’m a better wife and a better mommy.

I’ve also decided to adopt Erin’s Magic Minimums and Zone Defense strategies in my home.

I’m even going to adapt it for Katelyn so we can work on her attitude, behavior and teach her some chores.

I’m excited!

Oh and I’m thinking about doing this? Wanna join me? I might need some motivation.

Then I would take a deep breath, apologize for blabbering on and on and ask you how your week has been.

Is there anyway I can be praying for you this week?

Hope you’ll grab a button and link up. Make sure you add a link back so others can join in. See you next week.