Coffee Date Friday


If we were to sit down for coffee I would probably tell you through tears that I was not mommy of the year yesterday.

In the midst of my kids recovering from their colds, I’m trying to recover from my own cold on top of juggling our busy family schedule.

Yesterday I was tired. Like, nap in the middle of the day tired. So I laid down to take a nap. I was on the couch, but moved to my bed thinking I would just take a quick catnap.

Both kids were down for a nap and the hubby was working from home before a meeting so I figured I’d hear him leave and get up before the kids.

Well… I didn’t hear him leave and when he left Katelyn was playing quietly in the playroom. The hubby asked her to play quietly and put some warmer clothes on and that I would be up soon.

That was at 3:30 (I was later told).

At 5pm I woke up with a start to my daughter walking through the FRONT DOOR of our home.

UGH! I’m mortified and my mind is re-living the horrible fears as I write this.

I ran into the living room to see my daughter in a tank top, a tutu skirt and no shoes standing in the living room.


She just stood there looking at me as I interrogated her, my voice filled with worry.

Where have you been?

What were you doing outside?

Who let you go outside?

Do you realize you could’ve been hit by a car?

Do you realize someone could’ve taken you?

It went on and on….

When I stopped she told me she was outside, gardening with the gardener.

I sent her to her room.

I walked outside and casually asked our gardener if Katelyn had been bothering him. She was helping him dig and plant in the yard. He had to go out to his truck and she followed him to his car and then came in the house through the front door.

AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! What?! Where was I? Oh my goodness?! Sleeping!!!

As I walk back it the house I trip over her brand new ballet shoes…. that she had been gardening in.

Now through tears and frustration I have to go have a grown up conversation with my little girl. Thank goodness Brayden was still asleep.

I’ll spare you the tears, the punishment, and the explanation to my husband about what happened in the few short hours he was gone.

Did I mention I’m SO NOT mom of the year?

I would also tell you how the worst part of it all is that something could’ve happened to this sweet little girl of mine and I would’ve been asleep.

I’m so thankful to have a God who was watching out for her and protecting her.

Then I would wipe my tears, hopefully… take a sip of coffee and a deep breath and ….

Ask you how you are doing friend.

I want to hear about your week. How are you being blessed this week?

So will you join me for a cup of coffee?