Coffee Date Friday Ep. 3

Coffee Date Friday

Friends, thank you for joining me for coffee today!! I’m excited to chat with you and I apologize for being late to our date. I was having major recording issues yesterday and it took me 5 tries to get the whole thing recorded before running off to my kiddos Valentine’s Parties. I had ever plan to piece it together last night, but passed out on the couch early, only to get a call that Katie was running a fever and I needed to go pick my sweet girl up from the sleepover she was at. By the time we were all back in bed and asleep it was close to 1am so we all slept in this morning because, no school! #yay Phew I feel like that’s a coffee date in and of itself and it shows this is life and how it goes, but I’m so glad we get to do it all together. So I hope it’s not too late and you’ll take a minute and enjoy a cup of coffee with me. Today, I’m talking about work/life balance and how my Day Designer keeps me organized!

If we were having coffee what would you tell me?

xo, Alissa

PS. Be sure to check out the latest update on our home remodel over on Periscope, the windows are in!